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Sergio Oliva and Serge Nubret

Sergio Oliva and Serge Nubret

Sergio and Nubret - Who was better?

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    The girl in the middle is better
    There is no doubt about the fact that Sergio at his peak in 1972 may have been the most incredible bodybuilder of all time (or at least a very close second to Arnold!)BUT this photo was from one of Sergio's contests staged by WABBA, Serge Nubret's federation which was pretty active during the 1980s.

    Sergio appeared in quite a few of these contests and won them all, beating many great bodybuilders such as Serge Nubret, Kalman Szkalak, Tony Pearson, Robby Robinson etc. Yet NOT ONCE did he show up in contest shape!Sergio was bulky and lacking cuts and separation in all his appearances but the judges were obviously blinded by his reputation and placed him first every time.Needless to say this annoyed and disappointed most of the audiences at these contests and pissed off some of the competitors who came to realise that no matter what shape he was in, all Sergio had to do was to step on stage to win.

    The same thing had happened at the Mr World in Paris in 1977 (or was it 1978? Cannot remember for sure!)At that contest Tony Emmott came second to Sergio.Although he was dwarfed by Sergio Emmott was rock-hard and ripped, whereas Sergio was puffy and even those immense arms of his looked flabby BUT Sergio won easily.The audience were not impressed but reputation had pulled it off for Sergio again.

    SO- Who was best, Sergio or Serge? On this day Serge Nubret was by far the best bodybuilder on that stage.

    I agree with Irony over all, and would have to agree with Magnus on Nubret. Typically I like the eastern look, the large rounded features like with the early Arnold, but it is really lacking here.
    Serge is truly one of the greats of this sport, no doubt about that, what a symmetry and ALWAYS in shape, came competition time...