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Bob Bednarski

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Bob Bednarski

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    That's Bob Bednarski with a beard.
    Unknown lifter?
    As far as I can recall, this is a shot of Bob Bednarski taken around 1976 when he was attempting a comeback (sure looks different with the beard!)
    He got back up to around 220kg jerk but there my memory fails me - don't recall if he competed, if he did it could only have been briefly, certainly he never scaled the heights of success that he had reached in the 1960s.
    Bob Hoffman called him "the eighth wonder" as he zoomed to the top, setting world press record 456lb and jerk 486lb at bodyweight of 247lb when th world champ Zhabotinsky weighed around 340lb - no 110kg class existed then so Bob was stuck with the superheavys. After setting these records in 1968 he clean & jerked 491lb in the York gym AND it was strongly rumoured he made 501lb a well! But we al know Alexeev was first to the magic 500LB jerk at the 1970 world championship.
    Bob never again reached these lifts but did win the first 110kg class in the 1969 world champs, dropping to 3rd in 1970 then fading from the scene as bad knees and poor health sabotaged him.

    Bob went to that great gym in the sky sometime ago aged 65 - I guess most of the old York gang are up there now, gone but I hope never to be forgotten.
    Thanks for the info guys. Photo name updated.