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Anatoly Pisarenko - Squat

Anatoly Pisarenko - Squat

Anatoly Pisarenko - Squat

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    Apr 07 2011 12:13 AM
    This guy should have played a "heavy" in the movies!
    Ironically,although Pisarenko looked like a movie heavy he was a "light" superheavy, weighing less than 300lbs.

    He followed Alexeev, Rachmanov and Enaldiev, all weighing in the region of 350lbs, and ushered in the new age of the "streamlined superheavys."But despite his relatively small size he broke all his predecessors records, topping out with a 265kg Clean and Jerk!His pulling power was phenomenal, it's said on one occasion he cleaned 280kg in training but could not stand up with it.Maybe just another unfounded gym claim but if true it would be the heaviest weight ever cleaned and shouldered successfully.

    There is a chance his claim is true as when he made the 265kg Clean and Jerk in a contest, the contest coverage stated that he cleaned the weight so powerfully it looked like he was lifting an empty bar!