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Welcome to Strength-Oldschool.Com

Strength Oldschool Bodybuilding and Strength Training Forum

My name is Robert F Forbes, owner of Strength-Oldschool.Com.

Strength-Oldschool is a true 'old-school' bodybuilding training website. If you're a fan of the classic physique, that of Arnold, Steve Reeves, Reg Park, Sergio Oliva etc then you have come to the right place.

This site focuses on Bodybuilding and Strength Training, so bodybuilders, powerlifters and strongmen etc, are all welcome. We don't just focus on the past either, come on by and discuss the current scene of bodybuilding, strongman etc.

If your plan is to bulk up, build muscle and get stronger, then please consider joining us. We welcome all types of lifters from beginners to professionals, from bodybuilders to pure strength athletes. Whether you have been training for years or you're in the process of starting out and need advice please drop by, begin a training journal, upload photos to our gallery and become part of our community.

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  •   Bodybuilding and Strength Training.
  •   Bodybuilding Competitions from the past to the present.
  •   Who is the greatest bodybuilder ever?
  •   Who is your favourite Bodybuilder or Strength athlete and why?
  •   Compare past champions with current competitors.
  •   Share your views on the best ways to build muscle - light weight or heavy weight?
  •   The best approach to bulking up.
  •   Nutrition - Your favourite junk food, Protein Supplements, foods in general.


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