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Strength Oldschool Bodybuilding - Build Muscle. Get Strong. Inspire!

Strength Oldschool is mainly targeted at "SKINNY GUYS / BEGINNERS" to weight training who are looking to "NATURALLY" (no steroids!) BUILD MUSCLE, GET STRONGER and BECOME BIGGER. So if you're skinny and/or just a complete newbie to training and are looking for an effective, solid Training Program/Routine to follow then this site is perfect for you.

Regardless of your level of training experience, all types of lifters and enthusiasts can learn something new and gain MOTIVATION by reading our Blog Articles, checking out our Iron Game Instagram Gallery and watching our Youtube Videos!  We focus on bodybuilding, strength training and keeping Old School bodybuilding aesthetics alive!

This Strength Oldschool community covers Full Body Workouts, Home Garage Gym Training, Thick Bar / Grip TrainingSplit Training and HONEST "NO BULLSHITSupplement and Gym Equipment Reviews.

Purchase "Ready Made" (available to download instantly) simple and effective Training Programs guaranteed to help you build muscle and get stronger OR... contact us for Online Personal Training where Strength Oldschool will provide a "CUSTOMISED" Workout Training Program specifically for you!



Strength Oldschool Mission: Build Muscle. Get Strong. Inspire!