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Strength Oldschool Bodybuilding - Build Muscle. Get Strong. Inspire!

Welcome to the brand spankin' new website of Strength-Oldschool. 

This site is focused on Bodybuilding, Strength Training and keeping Old School Bodybuilding Aesthetics alive! Check out our blog to read and be Inspired by Classic Old School Bodybuilding and Strength Training Articles, including Interviews with Iron Game Legends! Fans can also read about our thoughts and recommendations on Gym Equipment and Bodybuilding Supplements - All within the 'Blog' section.

Strength Oldschool provides Online Personal Training in the form of Workout Programs and Coaching. Our main aim is to help educate beginners / novice lifters who are looking to "Naturally" Build Muscle and Strength and get in shape FAST! So if you're skinny or new to training and wish to train effectively for fast muscle gains then consider purchasing one of our affordable "Ready Made", (available to download instantly) Training Programs or have Strength Oldschool design a Customised Workout Program specifically for your own, individual needs. ** Please note: At this current time we only offer 'Training Programs' and do not provide 'Diet' Programs.


Additional Services
include 'Youtube Video production'. Strength Oldschool love to create "Motivational" Bodybuilding / Fitness videos for Youtube and if you wish for us to create a similar type of video for your own Youtube Channel, then please contact us. For more information on this type of service please click here.

Get Inspired for your next Gym session...Check our Gallery of Bodybuilding and Strongman Legends!

Strength Oldschool Mission: Build Muscle. Get Strong. Inspire!