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    My name's Rob and I initially launched Strength Oldschool way back on the 24th December, 2009. The site has undergone many face-lifts over the years but at it's heart, Strength Oldschool is focused on providing "Home Gym Training" motivation and promoting "Old School Bodybuilding & Strength Training".

    * If you are considering joining Strength Oldschool please make sure to read our 'Rules and Guidelines' section. Thank you.

    * If you wish to read a brief summary of my own competitive history in both Powerlifting and Olympic Weightlifting, you can view all the competitions I've entered, including the weights I lifted and my best ever gym lifts by clicking here.

    Strength Oldschool Home Gym Training Motivation


    I've been a "Home Gym" trainer for over 10 years now and have never looked back. I don't miss training at commercial gyms one bit and love the fact I can train within my own home, at any time, day or night. My own "Home Gym Setup" has changed significantly over the years from training in a small spare room when 'renting' a ground floor flat... to buying my own house and kitting out my garage... and most recently moving my garage gym equipment back into my house and using my 'livingroom' to train in! If you're a fan of home gyms, home gym training, home gym equipment and you're considering setting up your very own home gym then you'll love this site....Check out my own personal articles, unbiased reviews on gym equipment including recommendations and more! Feel free to "subscribe" to my Youtube channel to see my 'home gym' training workouts.



    Another important goal of mine is to motivate skinny individuals looking to build muscle and strength naturally. I know only too well the joys of being skin and bone and self conscious and having the desire to change my body for the better - I hope to share my own personal experiences of growing up skinny and how I managed to improve my confidence by naturally transforming my body into a better, bigger me. I really hope this website can motivate you to become a better you. Also maybe you're not skinny but brand new to the lifting game and looking for advice on the best ways to train most effectively then join Strength Oldschool! Become inspired...Visit our gallery of classic bodybuilding and strength superstars, read our personal articles on training and home gym workouts, read old school training articles by legends in the iron game, watch our Youtube videos, GAIN INSPIRATION AND GO TRAIN!!


    I've always been a "natural" trainer my entire life and never regretted not taking steroids. I'm not blessed with superior genetics and it took many years for myself to build up from a very skinny 9 stone (125 lbs) kid at 6ft tall. I've always been fascinated by muscle and strength ever since I first caught a glimpse of a bodybuilding magazine on the shelf at WHSmith and watching Arnold and Van Damme movies like "Terminator", "Commando", "Cyborg" etc.

    Cyborg Starring Van Damme

    Once I began reading about Arnold Schwarzenegger and watching "Pumping Iron" and learning about his idol, Reg Park, which led me to other sources of invaluable information such as the books '3 More Reps', 'Keys To Progress', etc I began learning about other bodybuilders and strength athletes, and the fact that a lot of them weren't natural and were actually taking performance enhancing drugs. This fact however didn't bother me, I still looked to the physiques of Arnold, Sergio, Franco, Nubret, Ferrigno, Larry Scott etc for inspiration.

    You can be a natural weight trainer and still be inspired by bodybuilders / strength athletes who are clearly not natural. This website is therefore focused on bodybuilding and strength legends from past to present with emphasis on "past". The Mr Olympia physiques of today (in my opinion) are no where near as good as the past old school bodybuilders i.e. pre-'90s. Take Sergio "The Myth" Oliva (1960's - 1980's) for example, he was a beast, HUGE MASS but possessed an ATHLETIC looking build.

    Sergio Oliva - Old School Bodybuilding Legend

    You could not say that about Ronnie Coleman post-1998. Before Ronnie won the Olympia, he had a freaky, massive, athletic physique but then in later years, unfortunately played the size game too much!!

    This site is still open to discuss contemporary bodybuilding, however, if you're a fan of classic bodybuilding i.e. old school bodybuilders with physiques that possessed mass with class i.e. wide shoulders, tiny waists, big arms, big chests, athletic legs, etc, overall physiques that were aesthetically appealing to the eye...then you have come to the right place for inspiration. "Subscribe" to my Youtube channel for motivational videos on bodybuilding and strength legends from past to present!

    So if you are looking for motivation to start training, build muscle and become stronger, stick around and enjoy Strength Oldschool. 

    I hope to attract fellow minded individuals across the world to share home gym photos/videos, discuss bodybuilding (past & present) and strength related sports such as strongman, arm wrestling, grip training etc. Feel free to share your own stories and opinions you have on the bodybuilding and strength world!

    Summing up...what does Strength Oldschool cover...

    • Bodybuilding (past and present)
    • Natural Bodybuilding (general weight training for people who are not interested in competing or taking drugs!)
    • Strength Sports (strongman, grip training, arm wrestling, strength training in general.)
    • Home Gym Training (training at home in a spare room or in your garage etc)
    • Gym Equipment Discussions / Recommendations & Reviews
    • Full Body Workouts (Twice a week, 3 times a week and more! )
    • Split Training Workouts
    • Workout Training Programs for Sale (coming soon!)



    You can support us freely by sharing our articles etc to social media, subscribing to our Youtube channel, liking our Youtube videos etc. You can support us financially by providing a donation (non-refundable) and purchasing products through our independently chosen affiliate links, which earns us a small commission. Before deciding to purchase any gym equipment no matter how small or large, please consider visiting our links section as we may have a "discount code" for you to use and save money with!

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    Should you have any questions for Strength Oldschool or if you have any problems regarding the site or suggestions on how to improve our website, please contact us directly or visit our Forum to submit your thoughts / ask questions.

    Take care & happy training!

    Strength Oldschool
    Build Muscle. Get Strong. Inspire!

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