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Big Ronnie Coleman Strict Barbell Curling 315 lbs - Legit or Not?

By Strength Oldschool

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I came across this photo online showing Big Ronnie Coleman curling 143 kg (315 lbs) using a straight barbell. The photo appeared in Planet Muscle magazine back in 2013 - article written by Chris Sloan.

Ronnie Coleman Strict Barbell Curling 315 lbs - Planet Muscle - 2013 - Writer Chris Sloan

Is this photo real? It appears to be real, although, both sides of the photo are cut off, plus let's face it, for Photo-shoots, fake weight plates are used a lot I'm sure.

Was Ronnie strong? He sure was. But was Ronnie strong enough to perform a three plate a side "Strict" curl as writer Chris Sloan states? Extremely hard to believe.

Does Big Ronnie Coleman deserve to be on the "Strongest Biceps in History" list?

By the way, in case anyone hasn't watched Ronnie's documentary entitled: "Ronnie Coleman - The King" (2018), check it out, it's sad but a worthwhile watch!

Keep training hard folks!

All the best,

Strength Oldschool

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