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Recent Photo and Information on Bodybuilding Legend Jim Haislop

By Strength Oldschool

Jim Haislop was a bodybuilding superstar in the making back in the 1960s who resembled the mould of Bodybuilder Steve Reeves in both good looks and aesthetic appeal. The only weakness I would comment on about Jim would be his arms which was noticeable during a front double biceps shot. His competitive career was brief but he certainly made an impact on the bodybuilding world and is still remembered fondly today.

Bodybuilding Legend Jim Haislop - Old vs Young and Jason Davis - Photo taken 2018

Here is some information I’ve gathered from searching online in regards to how Jim Haislop trained including some info on what he ate.

The following information is from John McCarthy...

"I know Jim used a split routine, I recall him telling me he hit his calves on board the ship, so he must have trained them every day. I saw him doing chins behind the neck, leg curls and extensions, dips with weight around his waist. The slant board for sit-ups had the top rung about 36 inches high. Jim had the bench on top there and I remember seeing him moving like a machine. What caught my eye was he had a 25 lb. plate behind his head. When he stopped I asked what in the world are you doing or something to that effect. He said see that clock? There was a big clock on the far wall you could see while doing sit-ups. He told me, Zabo (Irvin “Zabo” Koszewski) out in California does not bother to count, he just pounds out sit-ups for twenty minutes or so. But I bet not with a 25 lb plate behind his head. The rest of his routine was, it seemed a lot of Reeves movements. Front squats, incline curls, tricep press downs on the lat machine.

One thing for his delts, they had the old straight incline benches you stood up on. There he would lay backwards, head facing the bench. He would have a pair of 40 or lighter dumbbells and do laterals. On most reps were 8 to 12 and sets about 5. Pretty standard stuff. A couple of times after we went to a luncheonette at 8 pm or so and had steak and eggs with OJ and milk. Again standard stuff. One guy I forgot his name, Jim said he just got a package from the butcher. Can you imagine a butcher delivering to a gym at 6 pm or so today? A different world. Anyway Jim said, you have to see this. I think the guy was in the Navy also. After the workout we watch as he opens up this brown paper and eats a big RAW piece of liver. Blood dripping and all. I’ll stick with steak and eggs.

One thing with Frank. He came in once and worked hard on only his weak points. One arm curls for the weak arm etc. He was doing one leg squats on a flat bench holding a dumbbell. The entire workout was devoted to the weak side. I did not stick with going to the gym as much but that was the only time I saw someone do just that". ~ John McCarthy

The following information is from Bob Adams...

"I just completed a telephone conversation with Jim Haislop (Back around 2005). In brief, he is doing well, but is admittedly not computer savy so he does not keep up with what is going on in respect to himself on the web. He is still training, two days a week whole body routine, and does this for the period of February through August. His bodyweight is still around 220. In September he gives up training for his other passion which is hunting with a bow and arrows.

During the time he was competing he would train 6 days a week using an upper body lower body split, which took place in a gym with no air conditioning and after a hard day’s work climbing poles for the telephone company. The workouts lasted 3 hours. Looking back now he feels he was greatly overtraining. His last competition was the 1992 over 50 Mr. Florida, which he won. He still judges contests in the Florida area. He remembers a friend of mine from the Pittsburgh area who moved to Florida, Jim Karas, who has competed in a number of over 50 and 60 contests. I will send this link to his wife, who will show it to him. He was pleased to hear that he is so fondly remembered. Your admiration for him and his physique on this site is well justified. He is a true gentleman". ~ Bob Adams

The following information is from 
Hot Rocks...

"Yes it is true. He was Mr. America in 1968 along with many other titles if I recall correctly. I lived in Tampa, down the street from a gym called Fudges. Jim lived next door. My buddies and I hung around the gym as much as we could. Sweeping the floors and doing whatever they wanted us to do.

Looking back on it now, it occurs to me that all they were doing was keeping us out of their hair. There were no steroids being used in that gym back then. It was balls to the wall, pushing hard. That was the way they won titles. By the time I was 15 I had seen many of a burned out bodybuilder, but there were others who day in and day out seemed to keep getting better. And one of my favorites was Jim.

In 1965 he had won Mr. Florida and had came in 3rd for Mr. USA. I asked him how I could be a winner. I believe he knew I was an orphan and lived on the streets back then. I knew he wouldn’t lie to me. I trusted him. He was one of the few.

He said to do the split routine, don’t let anyone talk me down and always thank god for what I have, be it a little or be it a lot.. And I too would be a winner. He was right!

I miss those days. I wonder where Jim is today? I would like to thank him.

Thanks Jim" ~ Hot Rocks

The following information is from ClassicBB

"Jim was all natural and trained like Steve Reeves except for abs. Upright Row and Barbell Presses for shoulders, wide Bench Press for pecs, Lat Machine and Rows for back, a lot of Squats for legs and a lot of calf training. 6 sets per bodypart Full Body. This is how Steve was training and I think Jim trained in the same way, because they have the same development in they’re physique." ~ ClassicBB

The following information is from Mickey Capone

"Genetically he was perfection. His waist/chest differential was beyond, beyond and he had tremendous legs. The guys today should take a long, hard look at him and see what can appeal to not just bodybuilders but the average man or women. I would love to see photos of him when he won that 1992 Mr. Florida over 50! He could have been a movie star in the Steve Reeves tradition." ~ Mickey Capone

A fairly recent photo of Jim Haislop provided by Jason Davis. Photo was taken on Fri. 9 Nov. 2018.

Photo of Bodybuilding Legend Jim Haislop and Jason Davis taken on Fri 9 Nov 2018

Bodybuilding Legend Jim Haislop

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Strength Oldschool

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