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Recommended Bodybuilding Anatomy Books

By Strength Oldschool

* This post contains Amazon "Affiliated" links. This means if you click on the links and purchase something, Strength Oldschool will receive a small commission. Your support is hugely appreciated!

Within several of my "Training" Youtube Videos, I've referred to two Bodybuilding Anatomy Books.

The following books are:

Bodybuilding Anatomy Books First Editions

Both Bodybuilding Anatomy Books above are years old. "Bodybuilding Anatomy by Nick Evans", I purchased back in 2009 and "Strength Training Anatomy by Frederic Delavier", I was given as a gift but this book was originally published back in 2001 I believe.

My personal preference is the "Strength Training Anatomy" book by Frederic Delavier. Simply because I love the highly detailed muscle illustrations. As an artist myself, I can appreciate the skill level required to create artwork so realistic.

Delavier who lives in Paris, France, is an extremely skillful and exceptionally talented man. Not only did he write the book above and Illustrate it, he really is knowledgeable of human anatomy, having studied at the École des Beaux-Arts in Paris and also studied dissection for three years at the Paris Faculté de Médecine. Delavier was the former editor in chief of the French magazine PowerMag and Le Monde du Muscle. He has also written fitness articles for magazines such as, Men's Health and Iron Man. He is also a Powerlifting champion, is a teacher and gives "World-Wide" presentations on Biomechanics.

Both books above have newer, updated versions now.

Bodybuilding Anatomy Books - Newest Editions

"Bodybuilding Anatomy" by Nick Evans is now on it's second edition, and "Strength Training Anatomy" by Frederic Delavier is on it's fourth edition.

"The fourth edition of Strength Training Anatomy offers the most compelling artwork ever applied to a strength training resource. Packed with over 700 anatomical illustrations of muscles from each major muscle group, this edition features over 60 additional pages and 231 exercises." ~ Amazon

I only own the original books by both Authors so I'm unable to comment on newer published editions. If I ever become interested in obtaining a newer version of my anatomy books, I'd personally go for the fourth edition of "Strength Training Anatomy".

So if you have a keen interest in bodybuilding anatomy or just simply like to know which muscles are targeted by certain exercises through training, then check out both recommended books by kindly using the Amazon "Affiliated" links to help Support Strength Oldschool.

Links to both newer book versions...

"Bodybuilding Anatomy" by Nick Evans [Second Edition]
"Strength Training Anatomy" by Frederic Delavier [Fourth Edition]

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All the best and keep training hard folks!

Strength Oldschool


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