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True Tales from the Gym - 4 Sets Means 4 Sets

By Ray Nobile

Scottish Bodybuilding and Strength Legend Ray Nobile has met a lot of interesting people throughout his weight lifting career. Ray has shared some stories and kindly allowed Strength Oldschool to publish them. The stories are 100% genuine and real names will be used where applicable.

Scottish Bodybuilding Legend Ray Nobile - True Tales of the Gym


Being in the gym business you meet all sorts of people from all walks of life. Which is good as it makes life interesting. I will relate a story to illustrate what I mean.

A guy asked me for a routine to help make his legs stronger for his sport,which was kickboxing. He ran his own martial arts gym and was a highly respected fighter and instructor. So I gave him his routine and took him through the exercises involved and the sets and reps structure.

It was no problem as he had done weights before and his style and form were good. The routine if done properly would take 25 minutes to complete. I didn't see him again for 2 weeks as I was on holiday. On my return to the gym I asked him how he was getting on with the routine, he said fine but that it was too short and that it took him 8 minutes to complete.

I was puzzled by this as there were 6 exercises consisting of 4 sets of 10 reps per exercise. As it was his leg workout I said I would watch him do his routine. First was to be squats 4 x 10. He got under the bar and done 40 reps. Then went to the leg extension machine and did 40 reps. I told him that this was not the way I showed him, he said what difference does it make as he was still doing 40 reps total.

So I had to sit him down and explain all about progressive resistance etc. Finally he got the point and went on to bigger thighs and improve his power in martial arts.

Thanks to Ray for allowing Strength Oldschool to publish this short story. If anyone wishes to comment please use our Facebook link.

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Keep training hard folks!

All the best,

Strength Oldschool

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