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True Tales from the Gym by Ray Nobile - Story 1 - Casein not Vaseline

Scottish Bodybuilding and Strength Legend Ray Nobile has met a lot of interesting people throughout his weight lifting career. Ray has shared five stories and kindly allowed Strength Oldschool to publish them. The stories are 100% genuine and real names will be used where applicable.

To read about Ray Nobile's life in the Iron Game click here!

Scottish Bodybuilding Legend Ray Nobile

Story No.1:

I have decided to relate stories that happened when I was a gym owner.

One day a young boy of 16 was brought to my gym by his father. His father was concerned by the emaciated appearence of his boy. His son was around 6ft tall but weighed 9st or 125lbs.He wanted me to help build him up. No problem I told the father.

So the boy enrolled and I set out a training routine and wrote a nutrition routine for him to follow. I told him to take a protein supplement along with the meals. The protein I recommended was called casein which could be bought at any chemists.

Anyway, when the boy came in for his next workout, I asked him how he was coping with the diet I gave him. He said he liked the eating but didn't like the protein supplement. I asked why as there is really no taste from casein especially when mixed with milk. He said he didn't mix it with milk but took two tablespoons straight. I told him to follow the instructions on the packet, which states that it should be taken with milk or water.

Imagine my surprise when he told me that there were no instructions on the jar. On hearing this the alarm bells rang in my head because I know casein doesn't come in a jar but comes in a cardboard box. So I told him to bring me the casein the next time he came in to workout. He said I can do better than that I have it in my training bag right now.

He brought out this huge jar of Vaseline. I said what are you doing with that, he said you told me to take Vaseline along with my meals. I said no I told you casein. At this I just fell about the floor laughing.

Anyway, he did eventually get the right product and followed the eating plan and training routine religiously and within 6 months he had went from 9 stone to 12 stone of solid bodyweight.

Ray Nobile has led an interesting life. To read about his life in the Iron Game, click here.

Keep training hard folks!

All the best,

Strength Oldschool

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