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True Tales from the Gym by Ray Nobile - Story 3 - No Bread

Scottish Bodybuilding and Strength Legend Ray Nobile has met a lot of interesting people throughout his weight lifting career. Ray has shared five stories and kindly allowed Strength Oldschool to publish them. The stories are 100% genuine and real names will be used where applicable.

Scottish Bodybuilding Legend Ray Nobile - True Tales of the Gym

Story No.3:

Being in the gym business you meet all sorts of people from all walks of life. Which is good as it makes life interesting. I will relate a story to illustrate what I mean.

I was asked by a long distance Truck Driver to give him advice on how to eat while on the road. I told him to get a couple of tupperware food containers and an ice box to keep the food fresh. He told me that he didn't need containers or an ice box as his truck had a fridge and a camping stove in the rear of his cabin.

Ok I said, I will write you a diet to follow. I gave him the diet plan and told him on no account not to eat any bread or pasta or sweets etc. A couple of weeks later he came back complaining that he hadn't lost any weight.

I asked him to relate what he had that day to eat. Well he said, for breakfast I had 3 rolls and egg. For lunch instead of chicken and rice, I had 3 rolls and chicken. At this I put up my hand and told him to stop. I reminded him that I said to eat no bread whatsoever.

His reply was unbelievable, he said that he hadn't had bread in 2 weeks. I said but you have had rolls which is bread. Oh he replied, I thought you meant not to eat sliced bread. DUH!

Thanks to Ray for allowing Strength Oldschool to publish this short story.

Keep training hard folks!

All the best,

Strength Oldschool

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