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RIP Bodybuilding Legend Sergio Oliva

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Sergio Oliva - Chicago Cop

Born: July 4 1941
Died: Nov 12 2012

Sergio died due to kidney failure. He had been attending hospital for the past year or so for treatment. Sergio ‘The Myth’ Oliva was three times Mr Olympia, winning in 1967, ’68 and ’69.

Sergio Oliva A Chicago Police Legend Has Passed Away

Chicago, IL—In the early 1970’s a Cuban expatriate found employment as a physical fitness instructor for the Chicago Police Department. He was a natural for the position but what he really wanted more than anything was to be a Chicago cop.

Sergio Oliva was beyond happy to live in free America where he competed in bodybuilding championships. In 1969 he beat out a slightly more famous immigrant named Arnold Schwarzenegger for the title of Mr. Olympia.

Sergio had to work hard enough to learn how to read and write English as he prepared for the Chicago police civil service examination. He passed however some say he got extra help from above on that one. He entered the Chicago Police Academy at 720 West O’Brien Street on 26 April 1976.

Sergio immediately had problems with both his kaki recruit uniform and later the regular police uniforms since there were no shirts available for someone of his size at any uniform store. He had to have them custom made from scratch. His uniform allowance could not cover the cost.

Sergio was a gentle giant and soft spoken, good will ambassador who brought favorable attention to the department. He worked in 024 Rogers Park District doing patrol.

Like most cops he had troubles in a marriage and was shot five times by his then wife Arleen Garrett. His incredible muscle mass made him nearly bullet proof and he recovered quickly. That marriage however did not survive.

Sergio passed away at age 71.


Some picts of the bodybuilding ‘MYTH’…

The Myth Sergio Oliva

Sergio Oliva Pumping Up back in 1972

A Happy Sergio Oliva


Sergio Oliva: Forever The Myth

This video covers every aspect of Bodybuilder Sergio Oliva's life from olympic lifting to he trained for mass / definition, including his training split plus footage displaying his own unique bodybuilding exercise training techniques. You will also find contest posing footage...when exactly and what happened exactly to Sergio when he got shot by his ex-wife...Discover the explanation as to how Sergio got that huge scar on his right arm...PLUS enjoy "RARE" footage of Sergio from the 1995 Mr Olympia Reunion. Enjoy the classic photos and learn about the life of the greatest bodybuilder to have ever lived. Rest In Pease Sergio.


Here's a link to a video which Sergio Oliva Jr talks about his dad's shooting incident.

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