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RIP Bodybuilding Legend Harold Poole

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Bodybuilding Legend Harold Poole

Born: Dec 25 1943
Died: Aug 4 2014

He was 70 years old.

The following was from professional bodybuilder, Bill Grant...

"Today was another bad Day for Bodybuilding..The owner of the Iron and Silk Fitness Center in New York where I work informed me that The Legendary Harold Poole Has Passed away in New York I am saddened to Hear this. He was one of the nicest guys you could ever know. Harold was the manager of the Cheetah Club in New York. He also worked at the Weider Headquarters back in the day when it was located at 801 Palisades Ave. Union City along with the Legendary Leroy Colbert. He also was a Mr. America and Mr. Universe winner. He also competed against Larry Scott for the Mr. Olympia..He will be sorely missed..So Lets give Harold our respect as a Legendary Bodybuilder..I will miss you my was an honor to have known you..RIP Harold Poole..May God Bless you.."

Harold Poole

From Jeff Preston...

"Harold in the past few years has had very serious health problems, been in and out of comas and several times been given up on by doctors, "we did all we can do". Each time he shocked everybody by beating impending death... just not this time. I'd like to think Larry Scott greeted him in the great beyond and said something like "Welcome aboard Champ, it's your set... jump on in! "

Massive Harold Poole

Bodybuilder Harold Poole

Harold Poole (Left) back in 2007

Harold Poole on the left back in 2007



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