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RIP Bodybuilding Legend Larry Scott

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RIP Bodybuilding Legend Larry Scott

Born: Oct 12 1938
Died: March 8 2014

Larry Scott died age 75. He was the first Mr Olympia, he won it twice. 1965 and 1966.

The following information was provided by ‘Magnus’.

“Larry is the second of the Mr Olympia’s to pass on, following Sergio Oliva. What a contrast between these 2 champions! Larry to begin with was small, very narrow in the shoulders, shy and desperate to get bigger, and even when he was Mr Olympia was quite a humble guy. When Larry was on stage however he just oozed charisma and looked phenomenal – far better and more cut than most of the photos taken of him show. He had the benefit of Vince Gironda training him and Gironda’s gym had a different style of training and equipment to the rest – Vince’s preacher bench in particular was completely different to every other gym’s, and Larry forged a pair of arms that are still among the best ever nearly 50 years later. His training style was based on supersets, compound sets with very short rests and heavy weights and HARD WORK!

Bodybuilder Larry Scott in his Prime

Years ago one of Musclemag International’s writers attended a seminar by Larry, and when Larry started training his arms with his first exercise being dumbbell preacher curls the reporter wrote that Larry had started too heavy because he struggled with his FIRST rep! Did Larry put the weights down and pick a lighter pair? No, he just “threw himself into the set and did another 7 struggling reps,” giving it everything he had. Larry trained everything this way, very, very hard work. Not being an easy-gainer like Sergio, Larry said he always had to work harder and follow a stricter diet than everyone else in order to make gains – and what a diet! Huge amounts of milk, heavy whipped cream and Rheo Blair’s revolutionary (at the time) milk and egg protein. Most guys would have gotten very fat eating like that but Larry could not get bigger without it.

Ray, you saw Larry at his best – what an experience! I can only go on your word, and the writings of Joe Weider and Ricky Wayne as to just how great he was. Joe said the audience at Larry’s Olympia wins went totally berserk (Joe’s wife said they were going so crazy she feared a riot would break out) and not even Arnold got the same audience response as Larry. As for Rick Wayne, here was a guy who was on Sergio’s side yet writing of Larry’s victory over Sergio in 1966 he raved about how great Larry was, completely mesmerised by the golden glow emanating from Larry’s skin, a bronzed god like “Hercules fresh from his labours!”

In later life Larry sold gym equipment based on – and even further evolved- Gironda’s gym pieces that had worked so well for him. He also sold nutritional items and a book called ‘Loaded Guns’ full of arm training and more which proved no one in bodybuilding knew more about how to get the absolute best out of every exercise.  Larry stayed a humble sort of guy, very friendly and helpful to everyone, and was religious even in the face of losing his 2 sons in tragic circumstances.

Bodybuilding Legend Larry Scott at 73 Years Old

Ray, I just meant to say thanks for informing us but the few bits above came to mind and they might help our young readers to get an idea of why Larry was so special. Alzheimers is a vicious destroyer of humanity and just this morning I heard of promising research in America that looks like effective treatment to stop this carnage may be available in the near future. We all know somebody who has it, an old friend of mine died a month ago from it, and you have to live with it in your family.

Larry, see you later.” ~ Magnus

* Here is training footage of Larry scott training ‘LIVE’ on June 2 2009 at age 70. Click here.


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