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RIP Powerlifting Champion Peter Fiore

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RIP Powerlifting Champion Peter Fiore

Peter Fiore has died at the age of 74.

Peter Fiore was the Zambian light-heavyweight power-lifting champion. Only 1.63m tall, he was built like an ox and was immensely strong. In 1978 he became world powerlifting champion in the middleweight class“. ~ Barry Wills

The following news was given on 30 March 2014 by Ray Nobile…

“It is with much sadness and regret I have to report Peter has died. Don’t yet have any details. However he was in London last week involved in organizing a coaching course and having a meeting with officials regarding the Commonwealth Games. Those of you who have read my life in the iron game, will know what a great competitor and friend he was to me. Peter may you rest in peace. I will miss you“.

Peter Fiore - Doug Edmunds - Vic Bryant - Barry Wills - 1971

Peter Fiore - Doug Edmunds - Vic Bryant - Barry Wills - 1971

The following info was by Ray Nobile…

The photo has Peter on the left, next to him is Douglas Edmunds who went on to promote WSM contests. Photo taken at the 1973 worlds held in America. It was at this comp that the IPF was formed. Peter was elected president. At these championships Peter and Edmunds lifted for Zambia as they both worked there at that time. As those of you that have been following my life story here on Strength Old school will know that Peter lifted for Great Britain after this. However later on in his lifting career he lifted for Australia, where he emigrated to in 2002. So he has represented 3 different countries at world level. That’s what I call a true International athlete. As Peter is of Italian anscestry, he used to joke that if we were ever dropped from the Great Britain team, then we could always lift for italy“.

The following info was by Magnus…

Peter Fiore: In memory of a powerlifting gentleman.

Peter Fiore was one of the few constants in powerlifting. He was there at the beginning of the IPF (International Powerlifting Federation) in 1973; he was not only there, he was the first President of the IPF. In his more than forty years in powerlifting he immersed himself in every aspect of this sport of the super strong: President for a while, elite-level lifter winning multiple British, European and World Championships (at a time when being World Champion was an undisputed title); assisting and coaching other lifters to greatness (Ray Nobile benefited from Peter’s coaching in some of his contests); organising and administrating contests; and winning Masters World Championships and setting masters world records in the over -70s age division.

Peter moved around quite a bit having been born in South Africa, then moving on to and lifting for Great Britain in his prime and, later in life, migrating to Australia where he became a masters lifter.

If you want an idea of what Peter was like I refer you to Ray Nobile’s book entitled ‘My life in the iron game’. Peter is mentioned many times throughout the various chapters and there is one situation in particular which highlights the determination and dedication to his lifting he possessed. This happened at one of the World Championships that both Peter and Ray competed in – Peter was mugged and suffered severe facial injuries that needed many stitches yet insisted on carrying on with entering the competition. Three times he attempted a squat, stitches splitting and blood oozing from his face, and three times the judges turned down the lift, but the audience recognised true grit and rose to a standing ovation. Peter appreciated their show of respect but on the way to hospital for re-stitching simply said ‘standing ovations don’t win contests for you.’

So, Peter was a genuine tough guy but don’t think for a moment that he swaggered around like many lesser individuals who bluster their way through life. In contrast to his immense inner strength Peter was a perfect gentleman on the surface, always polite, helpful and ready to assist anyone who asked for his coaching expertise. This duality of strength and personality reminded me of a Latin phrase that sums him up in one sentence: ‘Suaviter in modo, fortiter in re.’

Peter was in London working on the organisation of the upcoming Commonwealth Powerlifting Championships and organising a new coaching course with Skills Active when he passed away suddenly- as always, working on something to do with powerlifting. He will be sorely missed.

Oh yes, that Latin phrase, what exactly does it mean?

’ Gentle in manner, resolute in deed.’

That was Peter Fiore – powerlifting’s best friend.

~ Magnus

A video of Peter Fiore deadlifting 200kg for 3 reps in his 70’s!!


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