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2019 Mr Olympia Winner is Brandon Curry

Strength Oldschool

After watching the pre-judging of the 2019 Mr Olympia contest, I believe I can confidently say that Brandon Curry will be crowned the new 2019 Mr Olympia!

Brandon Curry - 2019 Mr Olympia Winner


Brandon Curry - 2019 Winner of the Mr Olympia


Brandon Curry - 2019 Mr Olympia Winner


Brandon Curry - 2019 Mr Olympia Winner


After watching every Mr Olympia competitor pose, only one guy jumped out and that was Brandon Curry. He looked full, thick, heavily muscled, pretty conditioned and had enough size and shape to look aesthetically pleasing and more importantly possessed a tiny waist to rightfully claim the title of Mr Olympia and bring back the days of a classic physique.

Yes, his calves are weak and are genetically so but overall, he brought a much better package than anyone else. In my opinion his closest rivals were...

Hadi Choopan

2019 Mr Olympia Competitor Hadi Choopan


 2019 Mr Olympia Competitor Hadi Choopan


Not many people thought Hadi could win the Mr Olympia this year and believed he should have entered the 212 division but Hadi possessed a ton of muscle and was ripped and brought the best condition out of all the Olympia competitors. However Hadi's physique is somewhat blocky due to a wider waist and doesn't flow like Brandon Curry's physique.

One competitor I think should be in the top 5 is Patrick Moore.

2019 Mr Olympia Competitor Patrick Moore


2019 Mr Olympia Competitor Patrick Moore


Patrick Moore was in excellent condition and heavily muscled with an ultra, ultra tiny waist and exceptional abdominals. He is underrated in my opinion but I hope he doesn't sacrifice his waist line for future Olympia's in order to add size to compete with the big boys, that would be a real shame. The bigger guys such as Cedric McMillan and Roelly Winklaar were not in shape and looked soft. I'm a huge fan of Cedric but his abdominals were looking a bit puffy in certain poses and standing next to Patrick Moore, made him look out of shape.


2019 Mr Olympia Comparisons - Cedric McMillan vs Patrick Moore


The Top 3 guys in my opinion should be:

1. Brandon Curry
2. William Bonac
3. Hadi Choopan

2019 Mr Olympia Competitors


William Bonac in my eyes is still a bit blocky due to having a thick waist and the fact that his lats tie in so low to his waist. His chest also was relatively small and the other competitors blew him away on chest size. However, overall, Bonac was conditioned and beat the other competitors fairly easily which wasn't hard to do considering a lot of the lineup this year was either not in shape or/and just simply had poor genetics to have any kind of an aesthetically pleasing physique.

Dexter Jackson could possibly land in the top 5 this year as he was conditioned but unfortunately looked flat and lacked that fullness. He will not win this years Olympia contest and could end up 6th or 7th overall. Really depends on how he looks on the second day.

Sergio Oliva Jr

Why Did Sergio Oliva Jr Not Compete at the 2019 Mr Olympia

It was disappointing to not see Sergio Oliva Jr compete at this years Mr Olympia contest. Not sure why he never competed given that this year the contest was wide open. Hopefully Sergio will be back next year.


If you have comments on who should win or who should have won this years Olympia contest, then please share your opinions below.


Strength Oldschool

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