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Arnold Schwarzenegger Turns 72 Today - Happy Birthday

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Arnold Schwarzenegger - Pumping Iron

7 Times Mr Olympia, Arnold Schwarzenegger, probably known as the best god damn bodybuilder EVER, hits 72 years old today. Born on 30 July, 1947. Wish him all the best. Keep pumping iron Arnold!

Any fans out there, feel free to respond to this topic by posting one of your favourite photos of Arnold!!

Here's a few to start off...


Young Arnold Schwarzenegger Flexing his Bicep


1968 Arnold Schwarzenegger - Rare Photo Flexing Arm


1969 Arnold Schwarzenegger - Muscle Builder - Power Magazine Cover


1974 Arnold Schwarzenegger - Rare Photo - Best Physique of All Time


1980 Mr Olympia Contest - Arnold Schwarzenegger - Champion


The Mind Blowing Biceps of Arnold Schwarzenegger - Training Arms


Arnold Schwarzenegger on the Cover of Iron Man Magazine


MuscleMag Bodybuilding Magazine - Arnold Schwarzenegger on the Cover Looking Massive


Hope fans of Arnold like the above photos, consider posting your favourite Arnold photo below.

Also check out these videos on Arnold...















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