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Best Protein Drinks on the Market Today

Strength Oldschool

By Strength Oldschool

Best Protein Shakes on the Market Today

If you look around on the web, you will be spoilt for choice. There are thousands of Protein brands out there and yes it can be extremely difficult choosing a good, solid, respectable brand which provide good quality protein for value for money.

I personally like to try different brands every few months and I’m always like a little kid whenever I get to try a new protein powder. But protein costs money especially when buying a popular protein brand supplement.

I’ve tried quite a few protein drinks in my time. Some have tasted aweful while others have been pleasantly good. But obviously everyone’s taste buds are different and while I may dislike a particular protein supplement, there will be others that love it.

Currently I like to buy Protein drinks that are high in Protein (20 to 40g), low to medium fat content but very low in carbs. At this point in time my favourite choice of protein shake is ‘Impact Whey‘ Protein by MYPROTEIN. Comes in a variety of different flavours, mixes well and tastes great in either water or milk but definitely better in milk.

Impact Whey Protein by MYPROTEIN

If taste is a priority when it comes to Protein Shakes you can’t go wrong with “Impact Whey Protein” above but the best tasting protein shake I’ve ever had has to be ‘Precision Engineered Whey Protein’ from Holland and Barrett. A bit expensive but damn it was tasty. You will easily drink the stuff three times a day.

Precision Engineered  Whey Protein by Holland and Barrett

Suggestions By Others

The following info was given by Magnus…

Here in the UK I have a suggestion.

They have lots of protein supplements to pick from, I use WHEY PROTEIN 80 which is similar to myprotein whey concentrate but has the advantage of aminogen added which helps digest protein. The price per 500g bag is much higher than myprotein but it gets cheaper the more you buy 1kg or 2kg or 4kg which is much cheaper and very good value for money. It comes in lots of flavours  such as chocolate silk, strawberries and cream, banoffee pie, jaffa cake etc.  and no I am not joking I had a banoffee flavour drink this morning. Hope this helps! ~ Magnus


The following info was provided by Ray Nobile…

bodybuilders today are spoilt for choice, there is a huge range to choose from and as magnus points out a lot of 1966 i was told soya was a good protein those days there was only a couple of choices to choose from and for a 15 year old they were i had a brainwave, i aproached a baker and asked him if he had any soya,he said he could get me as much as i needed,and it was really cheap,i got a 10lb bag for 15 shillings or 75 pence in todays i took this as my protein source for over a year,i mixed it with water or milk the taste was absolutly disgusting. i had to hold my nose and knock it back.eventualy i mixed it with orange juice to make it more palatable,i remember i accidently spilled a pint of the stuff over my mums kitchen floor,the floor was mad of linnolium which was a popular choice of flooring in the mum was out shopping so i got the mop out and mopped the soya shake up.when my mum returned she thanked me for polishing the floor and asked me how i got the floor so shiny,i kid you not the floor was gleaming,i should have taken out a patent as i had invented the best floor polish ever.anyway the soya i was taking turned out to be not a protein powder instead it was pure soya flour used to make bread and cakes when i hear guys in the gym complaining that they dont like certain flavours of protein i smile an think of that year i drunk that minging soya flour.”


The following info was provided by Ray Nobile…


For those on a budget purchase skim milk powder, follow instructions to make 1 pint then add to 1 pint of milk. there is aprox 20grams of protein per pint, so this would give 40grams of protein per pint. and costs a lot less. if you want flavour add milk shake syrup.”


* If anyone has suggestions on which Protein Shakes are good, please voice your comments below. Thanks for reading.

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