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Biggest Ever Raw Bench Presses

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Big James Henderson used to hold the record for the biggest ever raw bench press at 711 pounds.

Powerlifter Big James Henderson




The following comments are from Chuck Mirabile…

I had the privilege of meeting big James…he is HUMUNGOUS!!!! At the time I was a 200#er benching 400# and he was light for him at about 350-360#. He made me look like a child. He could have palmed my head like a basketball, his hands were so huge. When I saw him he did an exhibition raw bench press doubling 605# easily. He was talking the entire time as he was lifting. He was also one of the funniest individuals I’ve met. This was before he joined the Power Team. It was obvious that he had a “gift” for motivational speaking. It sounded as if he had a rough start to life but really turned it all around. I have seen a video of his 711# raw bench record….done at the USPF Seniors in Philly I recall. It was the most perfect bench press I have ever seen. Was done with strength to spare. He just missed a 4th attempt at 722# that day as well. Robert Keller has the video. He was the meet director.”

Big James Henderson has his own website: Click here.

The current World Raw Bench Press Record is 722 lbs by Eric Spoto.

Eric Spoto - Raw Bench Press World Record Holder


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