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Bodybuilder Marty Vranicar - Training Routine

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Author: Unknown

Occasionally a physique contestant literally explodes onto the physique scene, winning everything in sight. Such a man is 22-year-old Marty Vranicar of Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. Marty is undefeated in his bodybuilding career which spans eight contests. Today Marty is one of the East Coast’s most muscular men at a height of 6 feet and 212 pounds. He has the capability of becoming a national champion in the near future.

Bodybuilder Marty Vranicar

Marty received his early inspiration form Frank Calta, a top physique contestant in the Harrisburg area. Marty and his younger brother, Pete, met Calta in a local health club and his younger brother, Pete, met Calta in a local health club and were very impressed with his size, as they were both always on the thin side.

When he started weight-training Marty showed no potential whatsoever for developing a contest-winning a physique, as a lot of new bodybuilders have today. Marty did respond quite will to the weights during his first year of training — so well that people started to really notice his development and began to urge him to compete in contests. A local contest was coming up — Mr. Harrisburg — and Marty, inspired by the constant urging of friends, decided to enter, even though he knew very little about physique competitions.

One factor that weighed on his head was that a man, Tom Kitch, who was a former contest winner, had plans of entering. This caused Marty to question his decision to enter. Was he ready after only one year of training to compete against a man of such experience, when he had none? Always one to meet challenges, Marty entered anyway and to his surprise defeated his main competitor and won the title of Mr .Harrisburg, 1976. Marty described the win as a major uplift in training to his brother and himself. Neither thought that it was possible for them to even compete in a contest, and winning was totally out of the question.

After his win, Marty and his brother really got serious about training and competing. His first step towards developing a winning physique was to join Calta’s gym, a local club in the areas with a much greater variety of weight training equipment than he presently had at his disposal. Marty, along with his brother, began to train like an animal in his new surroundings and grow beyond his wildest dreams. As Marty sees it, the proper supervision and training equipment and the difference. From then on he knew he was headed in the right direction.

His second contest was the 1977 Mr. Anthracite in Scranton. With his new training and diet techniques Marty was ripped and ready. He had no problem in winning the title, his class, Best Legs and Most Muscular and he left an impression upon the audience that they would long remember.

In 1978 Marty continued to progress and compete on a higher level, winning the Mr. Hercules and Mr. Greater Harrisburg titles to keep his competitive record unblemished.

Just one year later Marty is becoming a very dominant and deadly force to be reckoned with on the East Coast. The year is only half-way over and Marty is 4 for 4 in major East Coast competitions. Mary started the year off with a bang by winning the hotly-contested Mr. Pennsylvania in March. He dominated the competition from the start and shocked the entire audience as many had never seen or heard of him before, and those who had could not believe the vast improvement in his physique. He was some 15 pounds heavier and twice as cut than when he was at his last competition in ’78, but this was ’79 and Marty had “sweated blood” in the gym the past winter. As well as the title, Vranicar won awards for the tall class, Best chest and Best Poser.

Bodybuilder Marty Vranicar

Just one week later the “Vranicar Bomb” again exploded, this time in York, Pa. at the Mr. Middle Atlantic States contest. A win was again the order of the day.

In June an improved Vranicar snatched the Mr. Central Pennsylvania title with relative ease. His superiority was clearly shown in his taking all of the bodypart subdivisions as well as the title. One week later in East Orange, New Jersey he walked away with the Mr. Physique ’79 title under his belt. Besides taking the title and the tall class, he totally demolished the best that the state of New Jersey had to offer.

Who knows where this year will lead for Marty Vranicar? He is off and running like a rampaging grizzly bear, destroying everything in this path.

In his actual workout Marty is just as intense as he is on the posing dais.

Marty’s present training program consists of 2 phases, off-season and pre-contest, both of which I shall elaborate on. His training routine. For example on Monday he will train chest, back, biceps and waist. Then on Wednesday he will train thighs, shoulders, triceps and calves. The Friday workout will be the same as the one used on Monday. Then the following Monday he will use the routine he did the previous Wednesday. In this manner he feels the body cannot be overtrained and maximum size will be attained. During this period his workouts last between 2-3 hours, with 10-20 sets per body part, until very heavy weights are employed. To give readers and example of what I mean when I say that “heavy weights are employed.” I will give an illustration of a squat workout. Marty starts with 135 for 10 reps, and then hits 225, 275, 315, 365, 405, 415, and 435 for all 8 reps. That is not only power but also requires a tremendous amount of endurance and mental concentration.

Marty’s pre-contest training program is somewhat different than his off-season 3-days-a-week program. Three months before a contest he’ll start working out 5days per week, as he feels that 3 days will not give him the overall muscularity needed for competition. He will train 2 hours a day, with the the exception of Wednesday, which he reserves for specialization work on his calves and abdominals. The following routine is the one Marty is using at the present time. The sets vary on exercises and body parts, that the repetitions are basically 9-10.



1.Bench Press – 6 sets
2.Flat Bench Flyes – 5 sets
3.Incline Bench Press – 4 sets
4.Incline Flyes – 4 sets
5.Pec Deck – 3 sets


1.Seated Cable Rows – 5 sets
2.T-Bar Rows – 4 sets
3.One Arm Rows – 5 sets
4.Lat Pulldowns – 6 sets


1.Barbell Curls – 5 sets
2.Preacher Curls – 5 sets
3.Dumbbell Curls Seated – 5 sets


1.Seated Twists – 500 reps
2.Weighted Situps – until failure



1.Press Behind Neck – 6 sets
2.Side Lateral Raise – 4 sets
3.Bent-over Lateral Raise – 4 sets


1.Lying Triceps Extensions – 4 sets
2.Pushdowns – 3 sets
3.Kickbacks – 3 sets


1.Squats – 8 sets
2.45-degree Leg Press – 2 sets
3.Leg Extensions 3 sets
4.Leg Curls – 3 sets



Calves and Abs specialization – no set routine.

Marty trains very fast and rests just long enough for his brother to finish his set.

Vranicar’s favorite exercise is the squat and one look at his tremendous thigh development would attest to that fact. He is also very good at the bench and has a maximum lift of 415 pounds to his credit.

Believe or not, Marty is not that careful about what he eats during the off-season. As he related to me, “Anything that isn’t tied down is eligible to be edible.” His pre-contest eating habits are a “horse of a different color” from his off-season habits. Marty will begin strict dieting 3 months before a contest. The conventional High Protein and Low Carbohydrate diet used by most bodybuilders today is, he feels, the best way for him to achieve maximum definition. Vranicar starts off his 3-month program with 250 grams of protein and 20 grams of carbohydrates. He will gradually drop down to zero carbohydrates 3 weeks before his contest and stay there until e days before the day of the completion, whereupon he will shock his body by eating everything in sight to jump his carbohydrate intake up to over 300 grams. this practice, he feels, is responsible for the remarkable muscularity and deep cuts that he exhibits at contest time.

Bodybuilder Marty Vranicar

Marty is a firm believer in taking plenty of food supplements and takes everything he can get his hands on. He feels that you cannot leave out anything when it comes to building a championship physique. He is especially big on protein drinks when trying to gain bodyweight.

Vranicar is far from satisfied with his development at present and feels he has a long way to go before he reaches the physique he knows he is capable of achieving. His calves and abdominals., he feels, are his weak points. He also feels the needs a little better back muscularity. He is working like a “madman” to bring up to par the previously mentioned weaknesses and when he does, the Vranicar physique will be visually awesome.

Marty is also a very industrious businessman and along with his brother Pete, has purchased a health club. The name of their gym is “Vranicar Brothers New Results II.” This writer has personally visited their gym and found it one of the most completely equipped on the East Coast, with barbells and dumbbells in graduated poundages, as well as heavy Olympic sets and numerous types of benches, machines and cable apparatus. A health bar is also part of the gym and they also carry many of the name brand protein and vitamin supplements on the market today. Results II is Quickly becoming a “hotbed” of physique champions. Besides Marty and his brother Pete, there are John Henson, Don Knipp, Paul Hettrick and Steve Orsinger, all who will soon make their mark in the physique world.

The Vranicar physique is of the massive and muscular variety. As the famous professional Mike Mentzer remarked at a recent contest that Marty won, “He is a carbon copy of Pete Grymkowski.”

I had to agree with him.

Marty is not a “tape measurement bug” and relies on the mirror to let him know how he is progressing.

In only his third year of competing, Marty’s posing is far above average and it is only a matter of time before it ranks with the best. He also possesses the rare ability to look extremely muscular while standing relaxed and then literally grows before your eyes while executing his very dynamic posing routine.

Marty’s advice to beginning weight trainees is to get under the supervision of someone who is knowledgeable on bodybuilding and diet techniques. By doing this one can avoid many pitfalls which slow progress and eventually lead to quitting the sport before they have even begun. He also feels that so many younger trainees try to do the super routines of the champions, which are listed in the various bodybuilding publications. Marty feels beginners should stay clear of these practices and stick with basic exercises, such as the bench press, squat and curl. He firmly believes in the straight set system. Super, tri, and giant sets would be too taxing for the system of a beginner and not allow for maximum growth, which is necessary in the early stages of one’s training.

Vranicar’s easy-going and well-mannered personality is a direct product of a very close family life. His family is highly involved in the bodybuilding careers of both brothers. Their father Martin encourages and helps his sons in every way possible, as do their lovely mother Minerva and sisters Kathy, Dolly and Lisa. Lisa, at 22 years of age, is the youngest member of the Vranicar clan, but she may well be the most supportive. At contests you can hear Lisa scream at the top of the lungs while her brothers send chills through the audience with their spectacular posing routines.

Marty’s girlfriend, Cindy Ruff, is just as enthusiastic about his career as his family, and really entourages him to stay on this diet and to train hard.

Vranicar’s goals at present involve winning the Mr. North America title in October and then bulking up to 240 pounds over the winter months to prepare for his onslaught at the national level competition in 1980. In future years he hopes to win the Mr. America and Mr. Universe titles.

Soft-spoken, intelligent, perceptive, articulate and dedicated to the sport of bodybuilding, these are all applicable to “Marty Vranicar — Mr. Pennsylvania 1979”


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