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British Bodybuilder Roy Perrott Alive and Well

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The following is from Ray Nobile…

British Bodybuilder Roy Perrott and Frank Zane

One of Britains top bodybuilders has passed away. Roy Perrott competed in the sixties and seventies with NABBA. He placed highly in the Mr Britain and Universe contests. I met him in 1970, when we both competed in the Mr Britain. I in the junior and Roy in the Mr. May he rest in peace“.

British Bodybuilder Roy Perrott


MuscleMag-February 2012 reports the passing of Roy Perrott on page 270. He was 74 years old and was known of his year-round abdominals and smile.

* GREAT NEWS!!!! Roy is alive, well and still running his gym!  Muscle Mag got this one wrong!!!

An Older Roy Perrott Looking Well

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