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Classic 1970s British Bodybuilder John Holt

Strength Oldschool

This guy had a tremendous physique... British Bodybuilder from the 1970s by the name of John Holt.

British Bodybuilder John Holt

British Bodybuilder John Holt Training Article

British Bodybuilder John Holt

The following information was provided by Ray Nobile

" Good to see profile on John. I met john when I competed in the Junior Mr Britain in 1970. I was introduced to him by ken Oram who was a photographer for Health and Strength. He wasn't competing but I remember he complimented my physique. He was tremendous a few years later."

* If anyone has information on how John Holt trained, any stories about him or know  the where-abouts of John Holt, please comment below.

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