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Extremely RARE Sergio Oliva Photo from 1969

Strength Oldschool

Normally I save Blog posts for articles but strongly felt the need to post the following rare photo of "The Myth" Sergio Oliva from 1969. Photos of Sergio are usually mind blowing but the following picture is truly out of this world! Sergio's physique from 1969 beats the hell out of today's Mr Olympia competitors by a mile!! Truly outstanding.

Rare Photo of Sergio Oliva from 1969


Photo was clearly taken before Sergio's tricep incident which I believe happened after 1972, possibly '73 onwards. Anyway, soak this image up because its one of the best I've seen of Sergio. From head to toe, he was simply MASSIVE!!


If anyone has any comments to make on the above photo of Sergio please do so below.

Thank you,

Strength Oldschool

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