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Gary Taylor - Strongman Training Routine

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Gary Taylor - Bodybuilder

Gary was a bodybuilder before becoming an Olympic lifter and then a strongman.

Here he is in 1988, coming runner-up to Dorian Yates. (Gary comes on after Dorian).



Gary Taylor's Strongman Training Routine:


Behind Neck Push Press (6-7×3-5)
Power Jerks (4-5×2-5)
Strict Press (2-3×8-10)
Front/Side Raise/Hold


Olympic Squat (5-6×3-5)
Power Cleans (3-5×3-5)
Step Ups


Bent Over Rows (stood on block 3-4×5-8)
High Pulls from blocks (5-6×2-5)
Deadlifts from blocks (5-6×2-5)


Incline Bench (2-3×6-8)
Flat Bench (2-3×6-8)
Behind Neck Power Jerks (5-6×3-5)
Front/Side Raise/Hold

For stamina - staircase running.

Bodybuilder Gary Taylor


Gym lifts of 1994….

Behind-the-neck Push Press – 500
Behind-the-neck Push Jerk – 600
Squat (high bar, shoulder stance) – 850×2, just belt and wraps
Deadlift – 705x8x3sets, just belt
Snatch – 415, having not done it for 10 years

Official PL Numbers:

Squat-370kg (1990, BPC)
Bench Press-220kg (1990, BPC)
Deadlift-360kg (1990, BPC)
(runner-up to Peter Tregloan-Tregloan would go to world PL championship to face-off with a certain Gerrit Badenhorst)

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