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Ironmaster Quick Lock Adjustable Dumbbells Review

Strength Oldschool

By Strength Oldschool


I purchased Ironmaster Dumbbells back in 2010 / 2011 I believe. At that time I was still living at home with my parents and so only had a very small bedroom to store some weights. So I opted to buy from the well known brand – “Ironmaster” as their weights had a superb reputation for quality with the bonus of being conveniently compact and thus not take up a lot of space. They didn’t look space-age either like some quick adjustable dumbbells on the market. There appearance resembled more like an actual dumbbell which greatly appealed to me. They were solid and very compact which I loved.

I don’t have Ironmaster Dumbbells anymore as three years a go I purchased a house and converted my garage into a Home Garage Gym. My garage gym isn’t big by any means but was big enough to allow me to purchase a whole load of fixed hex dumbbells ranging from 1kg right up to 70kg!! But I do have to say that my new fixed dumbbells take up a shit load of space and were very expensive. That’s the advantage of Ironmaster Dumbbells – They take up virtually no room, are extremely compact, solid as hell (won’t break when dropped!) and can be purchased with enough weight to test the most serious of strength athletes. Yes they seem expensive but you need to remember that you’re paying for the convenience of having a shit load of heavy weight setup and stored in an extremely compact way. Plus having the Ironmaster quality brand means that if you drop your weights, they won’t break – Ironmaster Dumbbells are a serious piece of training equipment.

When I began my own Home Garage Gym, I gave my Ironmaster Weights to my brother. He loves them and swears by them.

Other Ironmaster Equipment

Ironmaster also provide a Storage Rack to hold both your Adjustable Dumbbells and Weight Plates, allowing you to store all your equipment conveniently and neatly away. You can also purchase Straight Barbells and Ez-Curl Barbells which are uniquely designed for Ironmaster Weight Plates. Ironmaster also sell Kettlebells, Benches, Cages, Machines and Olympic Weight Plates, Olympic Barbells etc.

How Does Ironmaster Dumbbells Work?

Ironmaster Adjustable Dumbbell Plates work by rotating the circular nozzle at each end of the dumbbell until its loose enough to pull off. The black square weight plates all come in different poundage sizes and these basically slide off with ease. They kind of fit on one another like a jig saw before you place the circular nozzle back on to tighten all the weight plates together. So it’s not as quick and easy as turning a dial as featured with Boxflex but adjusting the weight on Ironmaster Dumbbells is easy and still relatively quick.

How Much Weight Can Ironmaster Adjustable Dumbbells Go Up To?

The dumbbells range from 2.2kg right up to 34kg. And more weight can be purchased as the dumbbells can be loaded right up to 150 lbs!!

How Much Do Ironmaster Adjustable Dumbbells Cost?

A pair of Adjustable Ironmaster Dumbbells with Rack included (to store all the weight plates) will cost £547.00 if you live in the UK. If you live in America, you can purchase dumbbells (75 lbs set) and Rack for $500. To purchase additional weight, this will cost you extra.

Overall Opinion

I would highly recommend Ironmaster Quick Lock Adjustable Dumbbells to anyone. They are a solid piece of serious training equipment. The Dumbbells can be loaded up to 150 lbs which is pretty damn heavy. The added advantage is that the Dumbbell Weight Plates also fit onto specifically designed Barbells which Ironmaster also provides. Overall, they are solid and won’t break if dropped. Most importantly they are extremely compact and should fit into any small home gym. Ironmaster is a well known world-wide brand and you won’t be disappointed with the training equipment they provide. For many people, Ironmaster Dumbbells may seem expensive but please note that you’re paying for the convenience of having a shit load of heavy weight setup and stored in an extremely “compact” way and this makes Ironmaster Dumbbells worth every penny/cent!

Where to Buy Ironmaster Adjustable Dumbbells?

(UK): If you are based in the UK click here.

(USA): If you live in the USA click here.

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