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MyProtein Double Chocolate Chip Protein Cookie Review

Strength Oldschool

MyProtein Double Chocolate Chip Protein Cookie Review

By Strength Oldschool

I’ve been meaning for awhile now to write a review on MyProtein’s Double Chocolate Chip Protein Cookie. I like MYPROTEIN products, especially their Whey Impact Protein Powder. So I was excited to try their protein cookies but unfortunately I was greatly disappointed. However you do get a whopping 37.5g of protein per cookie which is great!

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OVERALL: 7.5 / 10

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TASTE (4/10)

Double Chocolate Cookie has a dry, rubber like texture to it and so doesn’t taste like a regular cookie. Now I know a healthy protein cookie isn’t going to taste as good as an unhealthy one loaded with suger from your local ASDA but this cookie flavour from MYPROTEIN tastes like a rubbish protein bar. Make sure you have plenty of water at hand because it is extremely chewy and very dry. Perhaps one of the other flavours may be much nicer.


If you are UK based, one box of Protein Cookies from MYPROTEIN will cost you around £17.00. In one box you get 12 bars. That price breaks down to around £1.41 per bar. That price is better than other protein bar companies.  Let’s say you eat two bars per day….That means one box will last you only 6 days!!! So let’s do the maths…

1 box = £17.00 (last 6 days)
30 days in a month (6 X 5 = 30)
5 X 17.00 = £85.00

If you continued to eat two bars per day…. for a one month supply, you would be paying £85.00 per month! By only eating one bar a day, the price would be a lot better and affordable. And the good news is MYPROTEIN are always giving away “Promotion” codes to make your shopping experience even CHEAPER!! Sometimes on certain products like ‘Cookies’ you can get as much as 30% OFF!! So do the maths….Let’s take the highest value just now of £85.00. Subtracting 30% would make your total £59.50. That price would give you a full months supply, pretty damn good. That’s one thing I like about MYPROTEIN supplement company, their prices are great.

So I have only given 8/10 (good score) for value for money. My judgement for ‘Value for money’ might seem a little unfair but I judge based on working out how much a product will cost to stock up and last for a full month using realistic terms i.e. how often will the average person, including me (in my opinion) eat this product per day. And in my opinion, yes some people will only eat a protein bar/cookie once a day, maybe even only once every few days but I’m basing my critique on someone (like me) wanting to eat this product as much as twice a day.

Unless you’re lucky enough to be sponsored by MYPROTEIN, the cost of maintaining a consistent supply of these cookies may be off putting to some of you out there. But one thing is for sure, MYPROTEIN prices are good and can beat a lot of supplement companies out there. There are daily discounts with 20% upwards on all products! If you haven’t tried MYPROTEIN Cookies yet, then I’d recommend them. I personally may not have liked ‘Double Chocolate Chip’ flavour but that doesn’t mean I won’t like MYPROTEIN’s other flavours. So go on, treat yourself to a box!

HEALTHY (8/10)

Nutritional Information per cookie(75g):
Calories: 320
Protein: 37.5g
Fat: 9.9g
Carbohydrates: 20g

Consume as a nutritious snack to increase your daily protein intake.


You can get a variety of flavours like ‘Chocolate Mint’, ‘Chocolate Orange’, ‘Double Chocolate’ and ‘White Chocolate Almond’ so plenty of flavours to suit individual taste buds – To try these flavours go here.


Wish to try this product? If yes….Click here!

If you have tried them already or have decided to try them after my recommendation then please let me know what you think of them? I’m always interested in hearing other people’s views.

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