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Paul Anderson - Push Pressing 625 Pounds

Strength Oldschool

This article refers to Paul Anderson Push Pressing 625lbs from shoulder to chin level – incrediably strong!

What do you think?

Strongman Paul Anderson

Paul Anderson Push Pressing 625 Pounds Article

Paul Anderson Push Pressing 625 Pounds Article

Incrediable strength I'm sure fans will agree.

The following information was provided by Magnus…

" No doubt in my mind at all that Paul could do this. Have you heard of Bob Simpson? He trained mainly with heavy partial lifts and isometrics and, although smaller than Paul (Bob was around 5feet 7 inches tall, heaviest bodyweight 234lbs as compared to Paul at 5feet 9 inches and 375lbs at his peak) Bob made some mind-boggling lifts in training. These lifts were witnessed by others and included barbell Hack squat with 705lbs, Bent over barbell rows up to 540lbs in loose style and believe it or not an olympic style overhead press with 534lbs!

Bob Simpson

Where Bob really excelled though was in partial lifts – get this a quarter front squat with more than 1,300lbs! And his favourite exercise was the partial overhead press where he would take a weight above his limit and drive it from his shoulders as high as he could get it. He became so strong at this that on one occasion he pressed a bar higher than his head nearly 3/4 of the way to lockout that weighed 690lbs!

Bob Simpson Partial Training

So if Bob could do that it shows that Paul’s lifts were not impossible as he was not the only one who could do them (back in the 1950s he was the only one, Bob Simpson did his best pressing in the 1970s) ". ~ Magnus

Hope Strength Oldschool fans have enjoyed this article on Paul Anderson and Bob Simpson. If you have any opinions or stories on either strength athletes, please post your comments below.

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