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RIP Bodybuilding Legend Franco Columbu - Passes away at 78 Years Old

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RIP Franco Columbu - Died aged 78 from drowning

I'm sure bodybuilding fans have already heard the sad news that old school legend Franco Columbu passed away yesterday (Friday 30 Aug 2019). The devastating thing is he didn't even die from old age or an illness but it was reported that he suffered a heart attack while out at sea swimming. Some reports state that it was a boating accident which I don't quite understand unless a boat struck Franco while he was swimming out at sea. Unfortunately he took a sudden heart attack and drowned.


A Muscular Franco Columbu - RIP


Franco Columbu - RIP


A Young Franco Columbu - Powerlifting Days


 Franco was a two time Mr Olympia champion who pound for pound became one of the strongest bodybuilders in the world, competing in both Powerlifting and the very first World's Strongest Man contest back in 1977.

1977 Worlds Strongest Man Contest


Franco Columbu - Strength Feats - Bending Bars


Here's some Franco Strength Feats with him performing exhibition lifts...


Franco built one of the best Mr Olympia bodies ever with a huge back and split chest. He was a tough character having trained as a competitive boxer in his younger days and could easily handle heavy stressful workouts. In reference to Arthur Jones "HIT" workouts which Franco and Arnold once tried...

"Franco Columbu tried some workouts with Arthur as well, apparently Franco could take any amount of punishment and still come up smiling! Not so Arnold who could not tolerate total failure and threw up each time, giving up after a handful of workouts and declaring in Muscle Builder that training that way was insane." ~ Magnus


Franco Columbu Training Triceps - RIP


Franco Columbu Training Biceps - RIP


Franco and Arnold were loyal friends till the end and I'm sure Arnold will miss Franco dearly.

Franco and Arnold Resting up - RIP Franco Columbu


Franco Columbu helping Arnold prepare for the 1980 Mr Olympia Contest


Franco Columbu helping Arnold prepare for the 1980 Mr Olympia Contest


Franco was a funny character in and out of the gym and will be missed by all. Condolences to his close friends and family.

Fun times between Arnold Schwarzenegger and Franco Columbu


Arnold and Franco in the Gym - Confident Franco knows hes the Strongest - RIP Franco Columbu


RIP Franco Columbu - His Last Mr Olympia Win - 1981

 Franco Columbu - Born: 7 Aug 1941 - Died: 30 Aug 2019


If anyone has any Franco stories to share, photos, videos etc, please add them below.


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