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RIP Powerlifting Champion Ray Yvander

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Powerlifter Ray Yvander

* Please note that this is old news. After searching online, no photos of Ray could be found which is disappointing.

The following details are from Ray Nobile...

"Ray Yvander passed on 24th December 2012. He was found 15 metres from his lakeside home frozen to death. Ray was 65. 

A neighbour, who lived on the opposite side of the lake heard his cries for help on the 23rd. Police conducted a search, in blizard conditions, but found nothing. Next day he was found by a friend who went to visit. Tragic news. Ray was my fiercest competitor and we had many battles on the lifting platform, off stage we were good friends. May he rest in peace.

Ray was in good health and was due to retire from his job as a teacher after 30 years. He was still training regulary up to his death. His son Charlie had dropped him off outside his house, after a day out visiting relatives, this was around 9pm. The neighbour heard Ray shouting for help at 9.15, she called the police who arrived within minutes, the police had a dog with them, however the search was unsuccessful. It was snowing heavily and extremely cold with what was described as blizard conditions. When he was found the next day, he had a newspaper and an unopened letter lying beside him. It appears that Ray had went outside to collect his mail from his mailbox and either fell or took a bad turn. His son Charlie pressed for an inquest into why the police failed to find his father when he was 15 metres from his house. The inquest was denied. As people who have read my book will know Ray as a gutsy competitor and european powerlifting champion 1978 and 79."

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