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Should this Website use Disqus or Facebook Comments System?

Strength Oldschool

Disqus vs Facebook Blog Comments System - Which is Better

Hi there everyone, I'm currently looking for Strength Oldschool fans opinions on whether you like or dislike the current method of how you respond to articles within our Blog section.

This website currently uses 'Disqus' as a system of allowing readers of our blog articles to submit comments and respond to articles.

But maybe you would prefer if Strength Oldschool used a 'Facebook' Comments system? 'Facebook' Comments is a very popular type of 'text interaction' system which millions of people use on a daily basis and are familar with.

I believe there are advantages and disadvantages to using both types of 'Comment Systems' but I would like to know if readers would prefer Strength Oldschool to use Facebook Comments rather than 'Disqus'?

Please voice your opinions below or contact Strength Oldschool by sending an email. Our email address is at the bottom of this site.

Thank you.


Strength Oldschool


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