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Some Rare Arnold Schwarzenegger Photos

Strength Oldschool

A couple of RARE photos of Arnold which I've personally never seen before.

This photo is from around 1971 I think. Between 1971 - 1973, no later.

Canadian Olympic Athlete Irene Piotrowski and Arnold Schwarzenegger

Photo taken at Muscle Beach, California. Photographer: Unknown.

Arnold looks huge standing next to ordinary, average men. The woman in the photo is Canadian Olympic Athlete, Irene Piotrowski. Her ex-partner, Robert Sanders, a Vancouver Jeweller, was gunned down in an underground parking lot back in 1982! Irene would later move to Los Angeles where she spent the rest of her life. She retired from competition in 1973. Irene was born in 1941 in Lithuania. Her maiden name was Macijauskas. Later in life, she battled several health problems, including skin cancer. The treatments supposedly drained her finances and she was sleeping on a friend’s couch after being evicted from her apartment. She unfortunately passed away this year back in August at the age of 79.


Arnold Schwarzenegger hitting a Biceps pose back in 1977 in front of a group of IDF soldiers in Israel

Photographer unknown. This picture shows Arnold Schwarzenegger hitting a biceps pose back in 1977 in front of a group of IDF soldiers in Israel.



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