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Star Wars Kettlebells by Onnit

Strength Oldschool

Star Wars Kettlebell Collection by Onnit

Onnit is a health & fitness company created by Aubrey Marcus who is the founder and CEO. Using the help of top athletes and medical professionals, Onnit is dedicated to providing customers with supplements, foods and fitness equipment to help people achieve Total Human Optimization.

I discovered the Onnit website about a week ago due to searching online for Kettlebells. Kettlebells come in all different shapes and sizes (designs) but when I discovered the unique range of Kettlebells offered by Onnit, I was simply blown away. I'm not a huge Star Wars fan but I strongly felt the need to promote these special kettlebells on my site as the artistic design impressed me greatly. I haven't had the pleasure of ever using them as of yet but from an aesthetic point of view, they definitely are one of the coolest kettlebells around on the market today, nodoubt. 

Darth Vader Kettlebell by Onnit

StormTrooper Kettlebell by Onnit

Boba Fett Kettlebell by Onnit

Custom sculpted with Chip-Resistant Iron, these kettlebells are available in 50 lb, 60 lb and 70 lb weights. Any experienced weight trainer knows the value of kettlebell training - Kettlebells can help build EXPLOSIVE strength and MUSCULAR endurance.

Star Wars Kettlebell Collection by Onnit

If you are a complete newbie to kettlebell training as I, then you may not wish to buy Onnit's "Star Wars" kettlebells, but I would definitely recommend that like me, you look into getting something more conventional and cheaper in order to give kettlebells a try to see if using them would be something you would enjoy. Before buying anything, I do highly recommend you look around online as they're quite a few kettlebell designs on the market today, and it can be quite confusing for people on what type of kettlebell to buy, so do your research before investing money in any kind of gym equipment. Technology is advancing every day and its no different for fitness equipment!

If anyone has used these Star Wars Kettlebells from Onnit, please respond to this post by posting your honest comments below, good or bad! 

Star Wars Kettlebells by Onnit: CLICK HERE.


I would also recommend to readers that you check out the other unique fitness products Onnit has to offer such as Captain America Shield Barbell Plates and Iron Man Kettlebell. Lot's more other items too.

Thanks for reading and keep training hard.

Strength Oldschool


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