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Strongman Larry Wheels Career in Jeopardy

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Strongman Larry Wheels

Everyone in the bodybuilding, strongman and general fitness world has heard of the name, "Larry Wheels" and if you haven't...where the hell have you been?? This young lifter has shocked the world with his strength hitting HUGE, CRAZY numbers on the bench press, military press, squat, deadlift, dumbbell presses, you name it, Larry has been hitting gym PR's left, right and centre. The man is a living legend and has since got into Strongman to potentially dominate that sport and possibly achieve World Strongest Man status.

Larry Wheels Deadlifting a Truck


Unfortunately for Larry, he has recently shocked the world again but for completely different reasons. His ex-girlfriend has released a video on Youtube detailing some nasty things about Larry which could potentially damage his career and reputation. His ex refers to him mentally and physically abusing her and cheating on her with other women and get this....MEN too! His ex who goes by the name of "KING C" on her Youtube channel had been dating Larry for over five years but supposedly during that whole time, Larry had been cheating on her and mentally abusing her, along with being physically threatening towards her. The reason why she stayed with him for so long was because she deeply loved him. The shocking video was uploaded today on the 25 July 2019 and KING C gives her account of the reasons why she and Larry broke up and she doesn't hold back and provides screenshots of text messages and sound recordings of Larry roaring and being physically threatening towards her.

There are always two sides to every story but so far giving the shocking evidence, Larry's world could possibly come crashing down.


 Would love to know peoples thoughts on this video from both male and female readers and from fans of Larry's - Does this video change your mind to support him and do you think Larry can come back from this video?

I will say this, no woman deserves to be treated this way and I do hope KING C can recover fully from such an abusive relationship (if everything she has said is true of course). Again, there are two sides to every story and the general public can only go on what is presented. It will be interesting to see how Larry responds as his public image could soon be torn apart.


Thanks for reading, all responses are welcome!


Strength Oldschool

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