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Strongman Manfred Hoeberl - Biggest Arms of All Time

Strength Oldschool

Strongman Manfred Hoeberl - Biggest Arms of All Time

Strongman Manfred Hoerbel

The following comments were made by Magnus…

Strongman Manfred Hoeberl.

Regardless of whether you like him or not, we all agree that Joe Roark (Iron Historian) is a straight-talking kind of guy who refuses to let iron game guys exaggerate their lifts or their size, and was determined to prove Manfred did not have 25 inch arms. He got the chance to measure Manfred’s arm at a Mr Olympia contest some years ago, and was astonished when he measured his right arm backstage COLD and it was 25.75 inches around!

Strongman Manfred Hoerbel - Massive Arms

Manfred then curled a 150 lb dumbbell for a few reps and asked for a pumped measurement to be taken on-stage. Pumped? A few curls and no triceps work at all, yet even with only that tiny amount of pumping his biceps measured 26 inches! Now that is a BIG arm, and very strong too (second in Worlds strongest Man, losing by half a point) and easily closing Captains of Crush gripper number 3.” ~ Magnus

Strongman Legend Manfred Hoerbel

Manfred Hoerbel

Do you think Manfred’s arms were synthol based though? ~ Strength Oldschool

The following comment was made by Magnus.

Synthol? Cannot be 100 % sure there was no Synthol involved but I think it is doubtful. Synthol arms have abnormally swollen bis and tris that look and are squishy as though the arm was filled with extra water AND they are not necessarily strong as the oil is not real muscle, it is simply a liquid filler. Manfred’s arms look muscular, look like real muscle when flexed and were enormously strong – compare his arms with that crazy American that inflated his arms with Synthol, Greg Valentino, his arms looked like a collection of hot water bottles under the skin and appeared soft, did not look like real muscle at all

Were Strongman Manfred Hoerbels Arms Real or Fake

Joe Roark measured Manfred’s arms so he would have felt his arms – how about it Joe? Did you pick up anything odd or did Manfred’s arms seem to be solid muscle?

Manfred admitted that the size of his arms made events like the log lift and stone lifting more awkward and said smaller arms would have been better for strongman contests so would he have used Synthol?” ~ Magnus

Check out this great video...


If anyone knows Manfred personally and can confirm whether or not his arms are legit, Strength Oldschool would be greatful. If anyone would like to express an opinion on Manfred’s arms then please do so.

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