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Top 10 Recommended Youtube Bodybuilding Channels

Strength Oldschool

By Strength Oldschool

* This list was originally written on 24 April 2015. Stay tuned for an updated list soon!!

In no particular order, here are some of my favourite Youtube channels which I love to watch. These channels I find help motivate me to train harder, to achieve something greater in life, to set goals, to eat better and to laugh more. So enjoy.


1. The HodgeTwins

The Hodge Twins

This muscle brother duo are extremely funny. They have quite a few channels so check them out. Their physiques have come along way compared how they began a few years ago. If you need a good laugh, watch The Hodge Twins.


2. Zach Zeiler

Zach Zeiler

Cancer survivor and bodybuilding enthusiast. Zach has a tremendous physique, whether natural or not, he displays an old school muscular body which would rival Frank Zane. Physiques like Zach’s, wide shoulders, tiny waist, big arms, is what bodybuilding is all about. He has great genetics, freaky long and full biceps which would make any arm training enthusiast jealous.


3. Ric Drasin

Ric Drasin

How can this channel not be included…Ric articulately talks about the glory days of bodybuilding, bodybuilding legends of the past, how they trained, what they ate etc. He also interviews bodybuilding legends. I hope to see Lou Ferrigno and Arnold make an appearance on his show some day.


4. Furious Pete

Furious Pete

This guy can sure as hell eat. Professional competitive eater, Furious Pete, documents his life, training, eating and more! This guy is funny, very entertaining to watch and he has a tremendous, powerful physique to boot.


5. The Online Coach Tube

The Online Coach

Relatively new channel. PNBA Natural Pro Raymond Querido. This guy runs a gym and offers online personal training, and also sells his own bodybuilding apparel. Its inspiring to watch Raymond because he lives the perfect life it seems and is doing well for himself. He also has one of the most impressive physiques to date. His arms are huge and would possibly rival the king himself,  ‘Arnold’ as to who has the best arms in bodybuilding history. Whether Raymond really is natural or not, doesn't matter - he has an outstanding physique built through years of consistent, hard training.


6. Christian Guzman

Christian Guzman

This young entrepreneur, model and fitness / bodybuilding enthusiast is a hard working and passionate individual who loves to inspire and motivate his subscribers. Fans of his can watch his every move as he documents his entire life on Youtube. He offers online personal training, owns his own Gym and runs his own fitness apparel business called 'Alphalete Athletics'. He is already a millionaire and still only in his early 20's! Christian comes across as a really nice and down to earth guy which is one of the reasons why he has such a massive following.


7. Strength Camp

Strength Camp

This channel is dedicated to Strength Training, Bodybuilding, Powerlifting and Strongman. Lot’s of solid routines, training advice etc for novice and experienced lifters. Strength Camp has a MASSIVE following.


8. Nick Wright

Nick Wright

NWB is now focused on Powerlifting. When I began watching nick awhile ago, he annoyed me if I’m honest, but over time, he has grown on me and does seem like a genuine guy who is willing to help others. There’s something about his channel that makes it entertaining to watch. Nick used to be a bodybuilder but has since switched to powerlifting. He’s a strong guy and is doing well for himself earning a living from Youtube.


9. Maxx Chewning

Maxx Chewning

Maxx’s channel is purely focused on his life which revolves around Powerlifting. He is doing well through selling his own line of clothing. Has a big following and is entertaining to watch. He comes across as a really nice guy willing to help out his subscribers. He’s a really good, strong deadlifter. If you are into bodybuilding physiques, then Maxx’s channel isn’t for you, but if you are into getting stronger, then follow Maxx on Youtube.


10. Marc Fitt

Marc Fitt

Marc is in his mid 20's, he is a fitness model, personal trainer, public speaker, sponsored athlete, actor, entrepreneur & international social activist…WOW! Not bad for such a young guy. His name says it all, what else would you do with a name like that? Marc has a great channel with professional camera and video work making his videos entertaining to watch.

That's my Top 10 list. If you have different opinions and wish to recommend other channels, then please state your suggestions in the comments box below. All feedback is appreciated.

Kind regards,

Strength Oldschool

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