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Top 3 Recommended Youtube Yoga Channels

Strength Oldschool

By Strength Oldschool

Yoga is a great, effective way to get in shape, relax, improve flexibility, lose weight, tone the muscles of the body, manage stress & depression, improve your sex life but most importantly, Yoga can be done by all age groups, from kids to adults.

In no particular order, here are Strength-Oldschool’s recommended Yoga channels which would appeal to both men and women.

1. Tara Stiles

Yoga with Tara Stiles

Tara Stiles offers FREE Yoga and Cooking Videos. She covers Strength Yoga, Bedtime Yoga, Hotel Yoga, How to get Flexible, How to become calm, Yoga for Kids, Yoga for Beginners, how to perform Yoga anywhere, Yoga for Weight Loss, Shape Up Yoga Solutions, Beach Body Yoga, Yoga Workouts, Gentle Yoga and more!

2. Yoga with Adriene

Yoga with Adriene

Adriene provides Yoga videos on Yoga for Healing, Yoga for Weight Loss, Cooking, Yoga for Runners, Yoga for Beginners, Silent Yoga, Yoga Workouts, Yoga on the Road, Yoga Tips, Power Yoga, Yoga for Lunch-breaks and more!

3. Fightmaster Yoga

Fightmaster Yoga

Fightmaster Yoga provides Yoga classes online, with new full yoga class every Monday. It’s her mission to make yoga free and available to everyone at anytime!

Fightmaster Yoga provides a whole range of Yoga workouts i.e. Fun Yoga, How to Videos, Strength Building Yoga, Weight Loss Yoga, Beginners and Intermediate Yoga Workouts, Gentle Yoga and Meditation, Yoga for Flexibility and Stretching, Quick 10-15 min Yoga Classes, HIIT and Cardio Yoga and Yoga for Pregnant Women.

I highly recommend watching Fightmaster’s Yoga videos on Youtube as they are high quality and very soothing to watch. Her voice will relax you and place you in a state of total relaxation. Lot’s to be learned and FREE!!

Please feel free to share your own Yoga video recommendations by submitting your comments below. Thank you.

Kind regards,

Strength Oldschool

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