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WARNING - Do NOT BUY from Full Metal Industries

Strength Oldschool

Warning to anyone looking to buy gym equipment for your home gym or business .... DO NOT BUY FROM FMI (Full Metal Industries)!!!!!!!!

WARNING - FMI - Full Metal Industries Gym Equipment - DO NOT BUY FROM THIS COMPANY

This website looked pretty damn good and I was impressed with the types of gym equipment they promoted as manufacturing from scratch. So impressed that I decided to buy a couple of Axle bars from their website back in August 6th 2018 for a grand total of close to £400. The website did state in the product description that manufacturing of the axles could take two months but as the product (Axles) looked good, I thought the long wait would be worth it. However fast forward to 23 November 2018 and I still have not received anything!! My money however was taken straight away!! This is a company that I was seriously thinking of contacting to custom make a Power Rack for me which would have totaled close to £1000 or more!! So I thank god that I decided to buy Axles first before investing in a solid, custom made power rack.

Back in August I made two transactions, I purchased two Axle bars totaling close to £200 each and for me that's a lot of money to lose. So in the last week I contacted my credit card company (Santander), who informed me that I should contact FMI by email first and state that they have 'X' amount of days to refund my money or else I will be contacting my credit card company. I did this but received no response from Full Metal Industries. I then contacted Santander and made them aware that FMI had not contacted me. Santander's advice was that they would need to send me out documents for myself to sign and that I would need to provide evidence such as dates as to when I contacted FMI, proof of Axles purchase, emails I have sent, responses from FMI etc etc.

The amount of time and effort this is going to take me to collate evidence, sign documents and send them back to Santander is ridiculous as from what Santander have told me, this problem could take months to solve and theres not even a guarantee that I will get my money back!! So be warned gym goers/enthusiasts, always buy from a reputable company, my advice, look to Watson Gym Equipment

Watson Gym Equipment - Recommended by Strength Oldschool

If anyone else has purchased gym equipment from FMI and experienced a similar problem, please respond below by adding your comments. If anyone has advice as to what else I can do to get my money back, please respond below.

I tried accessing FMI website today (23 November 2018) and the website is currently down. See screenshot below!

Screenshot of Full Metal Industries Website


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