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Announcements - Feedback and Suggestions

This section is important and should be read by all Guests and Members! This is the place to visit if you wish to know about "Membership Levels", "How to Post Forum Images", "How to Upload Images to the Gallery", "Guidelines on posting Forum Articles" etc. Feel free to also post any issues you have with the website, suggestions on how we could improve the site or just simply express positive things about the site.


  1. Announcements - Guests and Members Must Read

    Before posting to the site, please visit this section to read important rules and guidelines. By not following the rules and guidelines you risk having your membership terminated!

  2. Feedback and Suggestions

    Happy with the website? Not happy? Experiencing website issues? Got ideas on how to improve the site? Share your thoughts!

  3. New Member Introductions

    This section is for new members to introduce yourself. If you do not introduce yourself within 24hrs of registering, your account will be DELETED and possibly BANNED to protect the site from Spammers!!

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