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Iron Talk

This section is for Five things:

1. Discussing Training Articles from the past penned by Iron Historians and Strength Enthusiasts who lived and breathed the muscle and strength culture.
2. Sharing all things related to Old School Bodybuilding & Strength History.
3. Discussing contemporary Bodybuilding and the Sport of Strongman.
4. Discussing Big Arms and Strength Records associated with the old time "Odd Lift" - "The Strict Barbell Curl" and it's respected associated lift - "The Cheat Barbell Curl".
5. Discussing the Sport of Arm Wrestling & Grip Training from past to present.


  1. Old School Bodybuilding and Strength Training

    General discussion on Iron History and Old School Bodybuilding & Strength Training Legends / Articles. * Contemporary Bodybuilding & Strongman can also be discussed here. *

  2. Monster Arms and Curling Strength

    Visit here for Arm Training Motivation. This section will focus purely on Arm Building, Monster Arms and 'The Strict / Cheat Barbell Curl'. Compare your curling strength to that of others throughout history! * The Sport of Arm Wrestling and Grip Training from past to present will also be discussed here. *

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    • EAST VS WEST ARMWRESTLING SUPERMATCHES LIVE FROM TURKEY (7pm Turkey time) on the "Voice of Armwrestling" Youtube channel. Scheduled for Sat, Jun 12, 2021   Additional LIVE Matches   Engin Terzi vs Artur Makarov Efe Kömek vs Herman Stevens Sarah Backman vs Irina Drieva Todd Hutchings vs Zoloev Khadzimurat Tony Kitowski vs Bozhidar Simeonov Esra Kiraz vs Bella Plieva Erkan Damar vs Joshua Gustin Grant * If you are based in the UK, tune in around 4.30pm.  
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      Highly recommended. Having the ability to transform most dumbbells, barbells, chinning bars, cable machines etc into thick grip bars is awesome! Makes training so much more fun and challenging. My only negative (hence the drop in one star) and its a small one... if doing high reps on dumbbell curls for example, the rubber material of the Fat Grip can occasionally cause friction burns as the fat grip rubs against your skin during exercise which can be annoying. But definitely NOT a deal breaker.
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