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Iron Talk

This section is for Five things:

1. Discussing Training Articles from the past penned by Iron Historians and Strength Enthusiasts who lived and breathed the muscle and strength culture.
2. Sharing all things related to Old School Bodybuilding & Strength History.
3. Discussing Big Arms and Strength Records associated with the old time "Odd Lift" - "The Strict Barbell Curl" and it's respected associated lift - "The Cheat Barbell Curl".
4. Discussing the Sport of Arm Wrestling & Grip Training from past to present.
5. Strength Oldschool Home / Garage Gym Training


  1. Strength Oldschool Home Gym Training

    This forum will focus on Strength Oldschool's "personal" Home / Garage Gym Training. Read articles and watch training videos. If you are interested in Full Body Workouts, Home / Garage Gym Training, then this is the place to be.

  2. Old School Bodybuilding and Strength Training

    Read articles on "classic" Iron History and Old School Bodybuilding / Strength Legends.

  3. Monster Arms - Grip Training - Arm Wrestling

    Visit here for Arm Training Motivation...This forum focuses on Arm Building, Monster Arms, 'The Strict & Cheat Barbell Curl', Arm Wrestling and Grip Training from past to present.

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