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Original York Bench Press - Barbell and Deep Dish Plates for Sale

Original York Bench Press, Barbell and Deep Dish Plates For Sale.

PRICE: $6,000

I found this advert online when browsing earlier today. Thought it would be worth posting for vintage gym equipment collectors and obviously because it relates to bodybuilding and weightlifting history.

A Very Special Offering: An original YORK BARBELL SETUP.

  • 8 matching York deep dish plates originally bought together and placed in the YMCA of Lancaster, PA.
  • Original 1960's - 1970's YORK OLYMPIC FLAT BENCH.
  • Original YORK 45 lb BARBELL WITH STAMP.

We are very pleased to offer this rare set of YORK DEEP DISH plates 8 total plates being sold. Included in this listing as seen in the photo is an original YORK BARBELL with a nice stamp and the ORIGINAL YORK OLYMPIC BENCH PRESS - with the original label but it is faded... Take this opportunity to own this collection.

Link: BarbellSales.com

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