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Ironmaster, the KING of Home Gym, Adjustable Dumbbells, now offer 'Micro Plate Loading'. The fractional weight plates allow lifters to increase their dumbbells / barbells by the smallest amount of 1.25 lbs or 0.57 kg which is excellent for strength training purposes or just simply general resistance progression.

I haven't been on the Ironmaster website in a while so this post may or may not be relevant for many people. However after browsing Ironmaster's website today I discovered this relatively new product - "Micro Weight Plates".

Ironmaster Micro Weight Plates

I don't own these as of yet but I do own regular micro weight plates which I consistently use and highly recommend. Micro weight plates are great for barbell / dumbbell training on all exercises such as bench press, squat, curls, you name it. I'm a strong believer in only increasing weight very slightly and micro weight increments have personally been the key to my past strength gains on various big lift compound exercises i.e. 'Flat Barbell Bench Press', the 'Squat', 'Deadlift', 'Military Press' etc. I'm sure they're other lifters out there who would straight away dismiss such accessory equipment but as I said, personally, I feel its essential. Whether you are training exercises which affect several muscle groups such as squats or deadlifts or whether you're performing isolation exercises like barbell curls for the biceps, "micro loading" is paramount in my book. I've been using micro weight plates (also referred to as fractional weight plates) for years and before I had them, the smallest increment in exercises had to be 5kg (10 lbs+), and that's a lot of weight especially on smaller muscle groups like shoulders and arms.

Ironmaster Micro Weight Plates

Ironmaster's Micro Plates weigh 1.25 lbs which is 0.57 kg for us British folk, which is ideal. The plate design is different as it's not the typical square format but circular. I do like the circular look and its one of my pet peeves of Ironmaster as I do believe if the overall design of Ironmaster's plates were circular, it would represent the look of a traditional dumbbell more but again, that's just my opinion.

Ironmaster Micro Weight Plates

I'm glad Ironmaster implemented these micro weight plates as I'm sure they will prove extremely popular.


To purchase this product see links below...

UK customers: Click here

International customers: Click here


If anyone wishes to share your own reviews and personal opinions on this product or on "weight micro loading" in general, please add your comments below. Thank you.


Take care and happy training!

Strength Oldschool

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