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Ordered a couple of new items for my home gym a few weeks ago and they arrived yesterday.

Country Crush Handle

I'm not an experienced grip trainer but over the last several years I've taken a strong liking to grip training. So when I perform typical movements like pulldowns, rows, deadlifts, curls etc I either use some type of Fat Grip like Alpha Grips (* Apply "strengtholdschool" at checkout to SAVE 10%!) or a custom thick grip implement. I own several thick grip axles, barbells and dumbbells, all measuring different sizes i.e. 2" grip, 2.36" grip etc.

Country Crush is a well known company founded in late 2014 by Raymond “ Big Country” Cote who developed the "Country Crush Handle" you see above. The company has gone through some bad times during covid so being a grip strength fan and given the strong reputation the company has for producing high quality equipment, I thought I'd support Country Crush by purchasing a couple of their well known thick grip handles.

4 Inch Colossal Crush Handle by Country Crush

Photo above shows the Country Crush handle with 4 Inch Colossal Crush Handles. Compare that to Watson Gym Company who produce 2 Inch thick grip handles...

2 Inch Watson Handle vs 4 Inch Colossal Crush by Country Crush

2 Inch Watson Handle vs 4 Inch Colossal Crush by Country Crush

2 Inch Watson Handle vs 4 Inch Colossal Crush by Country Crush

The 4 Inch handle looks huge in person and while being attached to my lat pulldown machine...

4 Inch Colossal Crush Handle by Country Crush

4 Inch Colossal Crush Handle by Country Crush

I've had a wee shot using the 4 inch handle and it's alarmingly HUGE, no doubt too large for my mitts but I'll have fun using it from time to time. I made the mistake of ordering two handles but I'm glad I did as I'll use the standard handle for adding Fat Grips to.

Country Crush Handle with Fat Grips


One of the negatives which will also explain why I'm keeping one handle for Fat Grips, is that the safety pins you can see which attach to both ends of the handles which keep the thick grip handle locked in, are extremely difficult to take off and on again. I would suggest a better design is required. The main Country Crush frame is solid, well built but what I like most is that it's a compact sized handle, not overly big which is great. The height difference in the handles between Watson and Country Crush is significant so from now on, I'll be switching solely to using Country Crush's handle as it allows me a better stretch at the top when performing pulldowns.

You can buy different handles from Country Crush which come in various thickness's such as 2", 2.5", 3" etc and all you need to do is take off the safety pins and slide the different attachments onto the metal pins. But as I stated before, removing and adding the safety pins is difficult I feel and it's much, much easier to simply add Fat Grips.

When it comes to thick grip training I'm still in two minds whether to just stick with standard size dumbbell handles, barbells and cable machine handles and just easily attach Fat Grips whenever I wish to tax my grip. Buying extra equipment like thick grip axles, barbells and custom dumbbell handles etc adds up and takes up so much training space - this only applies if you have a small training area like myself.

For the time being I'll enjoy my thick grip implements including my fat grips but over the course of time I will be considering the idea of just sticking with Fat Grips.

I'd be interested to know what other people's thoughts are on Country Crush handles and Fat Grips as well? Add your comments below.

Thanks for reading,

Strength Oldschool

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