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Here's a photo of my current home gym setup.

Strength Oldschool Current Home Gym Setup

Half of my livingroom in my house is split into a training area. There's not much space but there is enough room to get solid workouts in. To the left is my brand new Power Rack by Iron King. To the right is my "custom" single stack lat pulldown machine by Watson. I also have all my thick bar Grip Training attachments (not pictured) and Fat Gripz / Alpha Grips stored just under my TV. In another area of my house I have Ironmaster Quick Lock Adjustable Dumbbells including a large selection of Hex Rubber Dumbbells ranging from 1kg up to 50kg. I sold off my heavier dumbbells which went up to 70kg. I have 18mm (1.8cm) Horse Mats down on my livingroom floor for protection but I wouldn't recommend them. They are solid but the initial smell they give off is horrendous and takes forever to go away.

Any questions regarding my home gym, equipment etc, ask away!

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