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I purchased two Plyo boxes from Watson Gym Company about a month ago and they're huge, heavy and take up a lot of space in my house. Given I train in my house livingroom which isn't big, space is an issue and unfortunately the Plyo boxes have become a wasted & very expensive purchase. So I'm looking into getting a custom step up platform attachment for my Power Rack from Rebel Strength (see photo below):

Step Up Platform Power Rack Attachment


At some point I plan to sell my Rubber Hex Dumbbells as I just don't have the space to store the dumbbells in my house, all 1 kg right up to 50 kg!! The problem with switching to loadable dumbbell handles is that the ends of the handles (while performing dumbbell bench presses) become a problem when cleaning the dumbbells and resting them on my thighs before performing the movement. The ends are pointy, aren't flat like hex dumbbell ends and so can be very painful when resting the heavy dumbbells on my thighs. The only alternative to avoid this is to buy Dumbbell Holders for my Power Rack.

Rack Dumbbell Holders

By using the dumbbell holders, there wouldn't be any need to clean the dumbbells from the floor. I've also experienced some injuries recently (left bicep, right wrist) so avoiding having to clean dumbbells from the floor to prevent further injuries is another reason to buy the dumbbell holders.

I do still own my Bodymax Dumbbell Hooks but I'm not a fan of using them even though I do like the simplicity of the design.


So I'm currently in the process of inquiring about price quotes as the Dumbbell Holders and Step Up Platform would need to be manufactured so could be costly. I'll know the price hopefully in the next few days. 

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