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2021 Mr Olympia - Big Ramy vs Brandon Curry - Who Should have Won?

I'm sure every website under the sun has now posted the 2021 Mr Olympia results and just in case you didn't know, here they are:

*** Placings ***

1. Mamdouh Elssbiay (Big Ramy) ($400,000 Prize money)
2. Brandon Curry
3. Hadi Choopan
4. Hunter Labrada
5. Nick Walker

In my opinion Big Ramy was not dominate and should have finished second with Brandon Curry winning.

What was up with Big Ramys Abs at the 2021 Mr Olympia

Big Ramy's abs also looked weird which the commentators picked up on. You can see from the photo above the big split between his abs which hasn't been there before. I believe Ramy tipped the scales at over 300 lbs bodyweight entering this years Olympia and quite frankly it was too much. In certain poses Brandon Curry outsized Big Ramy, especially in the arms department.

Brandon Curry at the 2021 Mr Olympia - Silhouette

The opening entrance from Brandon Curry at the start of his posing round was great. Bodybuilding contests should bring back the silhouette moments before competitors start posing.

2021 Mr Olympia Brandon Curry Arm Flex Silhouette

2021 Mr Olympia - Brandon Curry Most Muscular Pose

Another thing picked up by the commentators was how poor the stage design was. For example, it was difficult to see the physiques of the bodybuilders due to poor lighting and distracting lights flashing repeatedly in the background while the bodybuilders posed. This is something that has been mentioned at every Mr Olympia for god knows how many years now and it's still not fixed!

The show is supposedly meant to be the ultimate, the pinnacle of a bodybuilders career but unfortunately the production value would say otherwise.

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