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* Equipment I used for my Low Cable Pulley *

1. Single Swivel Pulley Wheel (quantity - 2) - https://amzn.to/3AESilQ

2. Lashing Loops or Heavy Duty Hanging Straps with Looped Ends (quantity - 1): https://amzn.to/3rWNhkN

3. LFJ Fitness Steel Cable, Heavy Duty - Fixed 3m length with Gravity Ball (quantity - 1): https://amzn.to/3AGDRxw

4. Heavy Duty Swing Hanging Straps (quantity - 1): https://amzn.to/3GcNOEi

5. Heavy Duty Carabiner Clips (quantity - 4): https://amzn.to/3AJmoF2

6. Ironmind Olympic Plate Loading Pin (quantity - 1): https://www.ironmind-store.com/15-Olympic-Plate-Loading-Pin-Without-Carabiner/productinfo/1314/

You don't necessarily need an "Ironmind" loading pin, another option is to buy one from Amazon: https://amzn.to/3HeiKFh

7. To stop the strap at the bottom of the rack (which secured the bottom swivel wheel) from moving upwards while the pulley was used, I inserted a "JCup" into the rack to act as a barrier. This worked but then I changed to a 'Band Peg' which I preferred.


* Suggestions / Tips *

1. Make sure every piece of equipment you buy has a "Strong" weight capacity. This will be relative per person. I'm not strong so the equipment I purchased basically had a load rating of around 100 kg (220 lbs). This was enough for me. If you lift much more weight than that...Look for better quality of equipment.

2. I only used one cable for my low pulley. The Amazon link provided above (https://amzn.to/3AGDRxw) offers different lengths. I chose 3m which happened to be perfect. You may need something longer or shorter. For comparison, the height of my Power Rack is 225cm (2m 25cm) and I attached the top of my cable pulley to my chinning bar at that height, as can be seen in my video. If you wish a "custom" made longer pulley cable, visit the cable link above and contact the company directly. They can make any length of cable you need at a relatively low price.

* My Overall Thoughts *

Initially setting up my rack with a cable pulley sounded problematic. Even after watching other YouTubers create videos on setting up cable pulley systems...to me, it still looked a pain in the neck to setup and put away the equipment. I ended up checking out gym equipment websites to consider buying a low/high cable pulley machine (really I just wanted a low cable pulley).

The first website was Ironmaster UK offering their "Cable Tower Attachment V2" (https://ironmaster.co.uk/products/cable-tower-attachment-v2/ref/3/) priced at £600. This looked great and compact but also appealed to me for being "plate loading" but unfortunately it required the Ironmaster Super Bench (https://ironmaster.co.uk/products/super-bench-pro/ref/3/) to attach to the Cable Tower to stabilise it when being used. This was priced around £450. As I already have a bench and don't need another one, I fortunately discovered another method in order to stabilise the Cable Tower which was to purchase the Ironmaster "Cable Tower Seat" (https://ironmaster.co.uk/products/cable-tower-seat/ref/3/) priced at £140. So in total the money added up to around £750 which wasn't too bad. The only problem was Ironmaster couldn't deliver for at least several months and their 'Cable Tower Seat' was sold out!

So I moved on to try other companies with no luck - other cable pulley machines were either too big for my home gym or needed to be bolted to the ground or wall. This was a major NO NO for me as I train in my house livingroom. So I had no choice but to experiment setting up my own cable pulley rack system. I'm extremely thankful now that I didn't rush to buy the first cable pulley machine I saw online because the low cable pulley I've currently setup works brilliantly, extremely smooth and on a much lesser, cheaper budget.

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