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Home Gym DIY Cable Crossover Setup


I always wanted a cable crossover machine for my Home Gym but space and money prevents that. So instead I've created my own DIY cable crossover setup.



Equipment used includes:

Olympic Loading Pins (X2):

These can be purchased from...

Pullumsports UK 


Amazon - Cheaper loading pin compared to Ironmind.

Carabiner Clips (X6): Amazon 

Fitness Cable Pulley (X2): Amazon 

Cable Handles (X2): Amazon 

Swivel Pulley Block / Wheels (X2): Amazon 

Hanging Straps (X2): Amazon 

Olympic Barbell Collars (X4): Amazon 

Iron Bull Strength Alpha Grips (X2):

These can be purchased from...


Iron Bull Strength Website - (10% off code: "strengtholdschool" )

* Instead of using Alpha Grips, if you prefer, you can use the original Fat Gripz (X2):

These can be purchased from...


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