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Flat Bench vs Adjustable for Incline Pressing

I love using my "Flat" weight bench by Iron King for incline bench pressing but changing the gym mats to lower or raise the height of the "Flat" bench has become a pain. So I'm glad to have purchased an "adjustable" weight bench. I chose the Super Bench Pro by Ironmaster UK / Ironmaster USA because you can buy additional features like foot support for decline benching / abs training (Rocky style) and a leg attachment device which enables leg extensions and leg curls; for me that's brilliant.


The "Flat" weight bench can be used very well for incline pressing and does have certain advantages like minor angle adjustments but at some point depending on how steep of an angle you setup, incline pressing can become dangerous which is another reason for my "adjustable" weight bench purchase.

The "adjustable" bench will also provide additional support for certain exercises which the "flat" bench is unable to do so I won't be ditching my "flat" weight bench as its a fantastic bench plus the workouts I do i.e. supersets; having a second bench will come in extremely handy.

So which do you use and prefer...Flat or adjustable... or both?

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