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Star Wars Leg Extension Battle

A fun, creative video with a Star Wars theme demonstrating the Super Bench Pro Leg Attachment, with leg extensions being performed.

The Ironmaster products used in the video can be purchased by following the links below:

Super Bench Pro - click here 
Leg Attachment Pro - click here

The Super Bench Pro and Leg Attachment Pro can be purchased by clicking here.

Gym Equipment links above are affiliated links which means Strength Oldschool receives a small commission should you decide to purchase anything. Your support is greatly appreciated which helps pay towards the running costs of this website amongst other stuff.


Lighting Products used within this video:

(lightsaber type): https://amzn.to/3MLRjEK
(Small Photography Light): https://amzn.to/3HjMthe

The above products are Amazon affiliated products. Any purchases made through the above links will provide me with a small commission. Thank you for supporting Strength Oldschool.

Support Strength Oldschool: https://www.paypal.com/paypalme/strengtholdschool



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